Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Extortion - Sick - LP white vinyl.

Extortion - Sick - LP white vinyl.
Extortion- Sick! LP - mailorder only on white vinyl - BACK IN STOCK NOW and readily available for consumption here --
Do you fancy powerful tunes? Do you like violent music? If the answer is YES, therefore you are a powerviolence hound! If so, these lads sure will appeal to you. Australia’s Extortion has got the idea of powerviolence pretty good- fast riffs, and even faster beats with a minimum of mid tempo or even slow parts. The only three slow songs are: Bedridden, Body failure and Rot (a teeth grinding instrumental), which are not to be doubted about their fuss and energy. The matter of this very review is Extortion’s latest record, named SICK. And some sick album this is. An issue of Deep Six records, this white vinyl features tracks in the vein of bands such as Infest, Lack Of Interest, Crossed Out, No Comment. The album cover is something that catches your attention right away- a suffering little girl with tears of pain in her eyes vomiting black fluid. Quite remarkable. The songs are conceptual and describe the slow and excruciating death of a person infected with the H5N1 virus. Each next song’s lyrics describe a different stage of the illness (Infection… Fever… Medication… Bedridden… Last Breath). What a ferocious idea, eh? So if you’re in the mood for a sweeping whirlwind of angry hardcore- get a hold of this record!
A1 H 5 N 1
A2 Infection
A3 Wake Up Fucked
A4 Phone In Sick
A5 Overrun
A6 Fever
A7 Defensive
A8 Vomit
B1 Medication
B2 Delusional
B3 Bedridden
B4 Losing Battle
B5 Body Failure
B6 Last Breath
B7 Rot

Extortion - Degenerate - LP - ltd clear coke bottle vinyl.

Extortion - Degenerate - LP - ltd clear vinyl.
Available here at a very affordable price -
Extortion - Degrenerate - LP - mailorder only ltd clear coke bottle vinyl -
This is it! The best EXTORTION record! Their first full length, finally available again through BLITZ RECORDS. This is a masterpiece of modern powerviolence and in my opinion one of the best Australian hardcore LPs of all time. Don't miss out on it this time round! Absolutely Essential!
Extortion is a Hardcore Punk band from Perth, Western Australia. I absolutely love the vocals. if you like bands like Siege, Infest, Crossed Out, Negative fx, Poison Idea, Nailed Down, Dwarves, No Comment, then this band is for you.
A1 Arson
A2 Lose Control
A3 The Beginning Of The End
A4 Get Fucked
A5 Degenerate
A6 Life Under Lies
A7 The Rising Tide
A8 No Such Luck
A9 Overwhelmed
A10 Curb Crawl
B1 I Got Mine
B2 Deluded
B3 4 Outta 5
B4 Windows
B5 Manhun
B6 Maniac
B7 Ramirez
B8 Messed Up
B9 You're Next...

Weekend Nachos - Unforgivable - LP -limited green vinyl.

Weekend Nachos - Unforgivable - LP -limited green vinyl.
Available here at an extremely reasonable price -
Weekend Nachos feature members of Harms Way and are once again mixing the powerviolence of Infest and Crossed Out with burly metallic guitars and masterful riffage, totaling twelve tracks on "Unforgivable." Brutal as FUCK 2nd LP from my fave Chicago band. The band is now back with Andrew who was their guitarist on the 'Torture' EP but don't think for a second the band has reverted back to the sounds of that record. On this 2nd full length record the band still has some of that unique mix of NYHC, YOT and Infest sound as shown on the Punish LP but it also incorporates a bit more HHIG, Tragedy and Deathside influence of hardcore creating almost melodic angry hardcore tunes here but they also continue to add the influence of deeper and heavier hardcore to their sound that they'd previously hinted at in their evil blend of hardcore. There's even this early Hatebreed and Blood For Blood sound but fear not for where they got that sound down a little, there's more semblance lyrically to those bands. This is the most HATEFUL material the band has done to date and I've never in my life seen a band continue to write such angry and despising lyrics like this and to actually make them more pointed and just get better in time astounds me. The tracks off the This Comp Kills Fascists were already in the red but this really takes it. Basically John hates all of us and you have to accept that. This was one of 2009's best hands down and if you like hate filled hardcore and constantly feel like taking out someone, living a life that's constantly weighed you down by constant shit this LP is for you. Just buy the record.
1. 2009
2. Elevated Tracks
3. Unholy Victory
4. Pain Over Acceptance
5. A Few Blocks South
6. Balance Of Power
7. Nights
8. Rejected Psychopath
9. Shot In The Head
10. First To Burn
11. Reason To Die
12. Unforgivable

Monday, 19 September 2016

Weekend Nachos - Apology - LP ltd clear vinyl with booklet.

Weekend Nachos - Apology - LP ltd clear vinyl with booklet. 
HERE IT IS PEOPLE - superb package from Bob Deep, excellent 16 page booklet - what a way for the band to call it a day with this great LP - managed to get the last copies from Deep Six - grab a one here - NO WHOLESALE - get this exclusive first press of their farewell album - - there are only 200 copies of these beauts, so don't sleep on 'em.
Weekend Nachos are calling it a day, this is their final album - Bob has put together a very limited edition on clear vinyl with 16 page booklet - THEIR FINAL AND BEST.
Chicago’s Weekend Nachos go out in a storm of hatred with the release of their final album Apology. Recorded by the band's own Andy Nelson at Bricktop Studios (Lord Mantis, Like Rats, Harms Way), Apology is a veritable tornado of grindcore/powerviolence/hardcore savagery. Apology is thirteen tracks of utter punishment that has Weekend Nachos sounding more dangerous and urgent than ever before. Features guest vocal appearances from Dylan Walker of Full of Hell. Weekend Nachos are all about their catchiness, their awesome groove parts, and their harsh vocals. There's no arguing with their unique blend of powerviolence, grindcore, and hardcore.…/exclusive-track-premiere-writh…/
1 - 2015 - 5:44
2 - Dust - 1:51
3 - Fake Political Song - 0:58
4 - All - 2:08
5 - Judged - 1:32
6 - Dog Shit Slave - 1:16
7 - Writhe - 1:46
8 - N.A.R.C. - 1:19
9 - POW MIA - 2:57
10 - World Genocide - 2:17
11 - Eulogy - 2:16
12 - Night Plans - 3:05
13 - Apology - 9:50

Extreme Noise Terror - Extreme Noise Terror - Lp red vinyl.

Extreme Noise Terror - Extreme Noise Terror - Lp red vinyl.
RESTOCKS - superb LP on very limited red/black swirl vinyl - grab yourself a rare 'un here -
U.K.'s legendary crust-punk grind legends Extreme Noise Terror return with a new full-length! Heavy-ass-f*ck and pissed off grind is what defines the ENT sound, and this album further cements their status as the reigning kings of the crust-punk world. Includes OUTO cover of "I Like Cola" mailorder limited wax available.
Among the kings of the late '80s UK hardcore scene, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, indisputably deserve their name to be written in big black capitol letters. After speeding up, together with Napalm Death, Doom, Hellbastard and the likes, what Discharge created back in the early Eighties and inspiring a whole generation of crust bands, EXTREME NOISE TERROR are back in 2015 with a new full length recorded last year. It's hard to believe this new masterpiece doesn't come from the same 1991 sessions as this is totally Phonophobia-core. This new self titled record sounds exactly as the old E.N.T. tunes we all fell in love with, so what you have to expect is the usual overdose of throat-cutting double vocals, thrashy heavy rotten sounding guitar riffs, helicopter-ish bass and turbo aggressive fast beats. For those who still don't believe it, I'm reporting what Dean Jones wrote us introducing the record: "The new album is back to total old school ENT (Earslaughter, Holocaust, Phonophobia) No Metal, No Blasts. Total pure ripping, ultra fast H/C Punk the way it originally was". And this is what their new singer Ben wants to state about his feelings towards the record: "I was a big fan of ENT as a teen, long before I joined, specifically of A Holocaust In Your Head and Phonophobia. If I was going to compare this new album to anything the band’s done before I’d say it sits nicely with those two. Catchy as fuck aggressive ultra hardcore punk riffs, fast frantic drumming and mental vocals; I don’t think Dean’s ever sounded as insane as he does on this one! It’s raw as fuck too, no click tracks or fixing-in-the-mix type shit, instead the drums, bass and guitars were done live with the leads added after and me and Dean sharing a mic going through a 76 year old analogue valve amp. We’re all hugely proud of this album, its a proper call to arms and a brutal statement that the band’s music and message is every bit as relevant today as when it was formed 30 years ago”. This record is totally in memory of their beloved singer Phil Vane who sadly passed away in 2011. Rest In Peace Phil and long live EXTREME NOISE TERROR!
A1 Punk Rock Patrol 2:12
A2 Dogma, Intolerance, Control 1:26
A3 No One Is Innocent 3:33
A4 I Like Coca (Outo "I Like Cola") 2.06
A5 Think Outside The Box 1:27
A6 Chained & Crazed 1:48
A7 An Endless Cycle Of Misery 1:57
B1 Sheep In Wolf's Clothing 1:46
B2 Cash And Trash 1:36
B3 Cruel And Unusual Punishment 2:12
B4 Last Fix Of Fame 1:51
B5 Cage Paralysis 2:04
B6 Only In It For The Music Pt 27(Black Putrefaction) 2:03

Sunday, 18 September 2016

TO THE POINT - Tee shirts.

TO THE POINT - Tee shirts.
Need to clear the last few - various designs - superb USA 'Alstyle' 100% heavy cotton - - includes the 'Turkey' design 'DECISIONS I IMMEDIATELY REGRET' - grab armfuls at £6.99 each, here -

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

THE ERECTiONS / POK GAI - 7" split.

THE ERECTiONS / POK GAI - 7" split.
IN STOCK NOW - two different covers limited to 250 copies of each - very limited stock on this one, consume it here -
THE ERECTiONS. (JAPAN)/POK GAI (CANADA) - Chaotic street punk that blends UK 82 era Oi and punk together. These songs are snotty and snotty and shambolic, but catchy and unapologetic. Defiantly two fingers in the air punk rock.
THE ERECTiONS - Originally hailing from Hiroshima, these off-their-rocker pogo punks now claim Tokyo as their boot-stomping ground. Their music has cemented them as the next generation of Japanese street punks carrying on the torch first lit by the likes of THE DISCOCKS & TOM & THE BOOT BOYS!
KENTARO - Vocals & Bass
TAKA-44 - Drums
POK GAI - 4 piece raw pogo from Ottawa, members of Get Wrecked, Silent Order, Germ Attak, Alcohol Fueled, Shackles, Slumlord, and Gone Drinkin'.
Willy GaiGai- Vocals
Tasha- Drums
Tim Fueled- Bass
Matt- Guitar
1) Pok Gai
2) Pogo City
3) Very Fucking Lifestyle

Molested Youth ‎– Molested Youth - 7".

Molested Youth ‎– Molested Youth - 7".
Long deleted 7" from 2010 on the Deranged Records label.
Found a few of these back of the shelf - fill yer handbag for £1.99 each here -
Degenerate hardcore from Toronto, Canada. After a number of line-up changes, Molested Youth deliver their debut 7" which blends stomping, in-your-face hardcore with the loose velocity of Boston classics like Deep Wound. Raw as hell recording courtesy of Jonah Falco (Fucked Up, Career Suicide) which only adds to the beating.
from MRR #329
As far as i can tell, this is the first release from this Canadian band. They play balls-out, dirty, fast, no-frills hardcore with intense dual vocals. In a way this reminds me somewhat of SEX VID, just as dirty sounding but not quite as heavy, and maybe a bit faster. Highly recommended!
A1 It Only Makes You Worse
A2 Recycled Life
A3 Wasted Nights
B1 Reparations
B2 Live Fast ,Die Young, Fuck Off
B3 Dead World

Friday, 9 September 2016

Mature Situations ‎– Old Hands - 7" pink vinyl.

Long deleted 7" from 2010 on Deranged Records from the Burning Love front man - great band - grab armfuls at £1.99 each here ---
Mature Situations, the band, was borne of the need to trivialise the grievances and tribulations of the elderly, (in a sexual manner where possible), so as to anger karma and preemptively flip off the inevitable pants-shitting, Viagra-snorting, hip-replacing, sour-milk-smelling future of all men. Is nothing sacred? 4 new songs, featuring Chris Colohan on drums (LEFT FOR DEAD , CURSED, BURNING LOVE).
A1 The Old Hands
A2 Groundhog Day
B1 Scooters On The Streets
B2 Forced Retirement

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Fractured - Dilapidated 7" colour vinyl.

Fractured - Dilapidated 7" colour vinyl.
Fractured - Dilapidated 7" on mailorder only green marbled vinyl limited to 500 copies.
Finally in stock after 12 months delay, but well worth the wait - fucking great stuff from my buddy Bob Deep - all pre-orders will start to ship this week - the first release by these boys - remember the first To The Point release!, how required is that now? - grab this beauty here -
Ten songs of fast hardcore, depression, and abuse. Bob of Low Threat Profile and To The Point also your Deep Six Records main man on drums, Kevin of Lack of Interest, Hans of False Negative. For fans of No Comment and Despise You. Limited wax of 500 only.

King Fuck
Believe In Yourself
The First Fix
Set Up To Fail
Silver Linings
I Feel You

Crude - Smash The Wall For Freedom - 7".

Crude - Smash The Wall For Freedom - 7".
BLACK AND YELLOW VINYL IN STOCK - last few copies here -
Classic Japanese hardcore/punk! Two songs recorded 2012 in Finland before their latest Euro-tour! Crude comes from Hakodate/Hokkaido and has been playing since 90's. Cover artwork made by Sugi. Limited yellow vinyl available only from the labels or from the band.
Smash The Wall For Freedom 
Complete The Run.