Saturday, 25 October 2014

執症者 (Paranoid) - Destroy Future Less System - cassette tape

Cassette edition of the sold out "Destroy Future Less System" EP by Swedish kang maniacs 偏執症者 (Paranoid)! Including Jocke D-Takt (Warvictims, Desperat, D-Takr & Rapunk Records and many others) on bass/vox.
The insane sound combines the best traditions of Swedish d-beat kang hardcore and Japanese loud raw punk!
Northern Winds of Brutal Hell Mangel!
Originally as a 7 inch EP by Konton Crasher in US.
A1 Just When I Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse The Circle Of Failure Have Found Me Again
A2 What Have I Done To Deserve All This Hell?
A3 I'm Caught In A Shitstorm And There's No Way Out
B1 Corruption And Greed
B2 Your Thirst For Profit Can Never Be Quenched / Screams Of The Tortured Is The Price Of Your Silence

Nerveskade - Noise Pollution - cassette tape

Nerveskade - Noise Pollution tape 
Glue huffing gutter insane noise punks from Portland!!!
This edition includes 4 covers from original tape(Disorder, Discharge, SS Decontrol, Jerry's Kids) plus Shitlickers cover from the split EP with Perdition.
Originally released by 540 Records as 7" and by Hardcore Survives as a tape in 2011 when Nerveskade toured Japan.

Process - Our Future? What Future - cassette tape

Process are from Gainesville, FL and "Our Future? What 
Future" debut LP issued on tapes.Very well played hardcore punk in vein  of Discharge (1981-1982) / Anti-Cimex (Raped Ass& Victims of a Bomb raid)
A1 Life In Hell
A2 Subservient Mass
A3 Give Thanks
A4 They Control
A5 M.A.D.
B1 The Spectacle Continues
B2 Victims Of Power
B3 Under Threat
B4 Our Future? What Future?
B5 Fight


Metalpunks Nuclear Devastation from Amsterdam, Netherlands recorded one song with definitely brand new sound! More heavier and darker than ever..Its still thrashing metalpunk but with more blackened crust touch!
Ramlord with their two songs of gloomy blackened stenchcore! Sounds like Iskra/Martyrdod mixed with Axegrinder and Misery!

Hard Charger - Chrome Lord - cassette tape

This is the new EP out from Canadian drunk punks Hard Charger! 8 songs of dirty d-beat hardcore punk in best traditions of late Anti-Cimex/Doom/ENT/Driller Killer fueled by rock-n-roll sounds of Motorhead! Cassette includes two more unreleased tracks aside from the main Chrome Lord EP stuff, bonus sticker and self made cut n paste artwork with lyrics! Music for lovers of high speed, road dust, beer and punk rock-n-roll! PLAY LOUD!