Sunday, 3 September 2017

Pok Gai ‎– Raw pogo - 7" red vinyl Japan only /100.

Pok Gai ‎– Raw pogo - 7" red vinyl Japan only /100.
FEW COPIES LEFT - Japan only issue with the USA sleeve and a different extra sleeve by NORI of POGO77 Records and Tom & Bootboys, limited to 100 hand numbered copies only - grab the last copies here -
POK GAI - 4 piece raw pogo from Ottawa, members of Get Wrecked, Silent Order, Germ Attak, Alcohol Fueled, Shackles, Slumlord, and Gone Drinkin'.
Willy GaiGai- Vocals/Tasha- Drums/Tim Fueled- Bass/Matt- Guitar
1 songs cut from the sample song single (before being remixed for the record )
Pok Gai - Capital City Party Punks
Capital city punks
Very Fucking Lifestyle
Pok gai
Pogo city
Punks make noise.

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