Sunday, 22 December 2019

Idiot Ikon ‎– Existence - LP red vinyl.

limited red vinyl /100.
Debut album from swedish käng d-beat band Idiot Ikon. 300 copies. 200 black and 100 red vinyls.

Scared Earth ‎– Poisoned World - LP blue vinyl.

limited blue vinyl /100.
SCARED EARTH - d-beat/punk band from Sweden with some great pedigree, ex-Svart Parad, Dom Där, Dissober).
A1 War On War
A2 Bombs Enough
A3 Poisoned World
A4 War Disaster
A5 För Evigt Dömd
B1 Deathmachine
B2 Världens Undergång
B3 Fötryck & Kontroll
B4 Desperate Screams
B5 Swallow Thier Lies

ZUDAS KRUST/PARÖTID - Desire Of Destructionsplit - 7" EP blue vinyl.

Electric blue vinyl limited to 100 copies mailorder only.
Double SE Asia D-Beat / Raw Punk Attack from Zudas Krust and Parötid. If You Like Disclose / Framtid You Cant Miss It.
Zudas Krust Martir
–Zudas Krust Tahanan
–Zudas Krust Algoritma
–Parötid Unfuck The World
–Parötid State Chaos State Crazy
–Parötid Humanism

XERO FICTION - POP OVERDOSE! - 12" yellow vinyl Japan.

Direct from the band. hand numbered yellow vinyl.
Self released, these are direct from the band - limited to 300 copies only, full colour sleeve with OBI designed by Larva Minami.
1.Believe in my way / 2.The Voice / 3.Round and round / 4 .Over the thousand night / 5.SEVENTEEN (remix ver.) / 6.Maiking the new world / 7.One by one / 8.Inst. / 9.I want you back / 10.Remember you… / 11.Silent Story (remix ver.) / 12.You & I.

KKG - No.0 - CD Japan only.

KKG - No.0 - CD Japan only.
Great band, very limited stock will be available here in the New Year - -
Released on January 22, 2020.
Hailing from Sapporo, KKG are successors of a branch of hardcore that refuses to be refined. Their 2nd album will soon be released.
KKG released their 1st full album in 2011 and three years later, they released a split with fellow Sapporo locals, COSMOS, in 2014.Their 2nd album closes a 9 year interval between albums, emphasizing their self-determining pace toward releases and how they ' ve walked a winding road through their hometown scene.This release is imbued with what KKG has wanted to convey and what they've wanted to protect.Despite
how hardcore has branched out into various styles ever since the 80's in Japan, KKG has trudged unwaveringly forward.The performance, the message roared through the microphone, backing vocals and backing vocals until we want no more ... What if what we have been looking for has always been "this."
4 .Gross
6.Dual Heads
7.What Future
8.Short Hope
11.Garbage Dump