Sunday, 7 July 2013

V/A - A Roar Of Indignation - LP

International Hardcore Compilation LP. 'A ROAR OF INDIGNATION'

"This international compilation is excellent! It is exciting and the songs are urgent. Every single one of them is a roar of indignation. All contemporary. All here and now. Nothing retro or rehashed. All fresh, great and powerful. D-Beat, Crust, Raw Punk and related sounds that work very well together and want me to hear more from every band. Many of them already have their own singles and LPs. 

This compilation preserves the diverse individual sound, sound quality and volume of every song recorded at various studios around the world which adds to the already cool presentation. All killer, no filler. Extremely well done. There are comps from a different time, place and different musical styles that evoked similar feelings, including "Peace", "What doesn't hurt us makes us stronger", "Not so quiet on the Western Front", "Eye of the Thrash Guerrilla", "Konton Damaging Ear Massacre" and "Yotsuva". 

Roar of indignation comes with an awesome well done booklet and great sleeve artwork.

Highly recommended!"

22 bands from 12 different countries featuring:

Sex Dwarf (Sweden) / Napalm Raid (Canada) / Frenzy (USA) / Selvforakt (Norway / Brazil) / Sub Alert (Sweden) / Kylma Sota (Finland) Strange Factory (Japan) / Homicide (Brazil) / Warvictims (Sweden) / Infernoh (Sweden) / Violent Party (USA) / Leprosy (Australia) / Vaarallinen (Singapore) / Gutter (Greece) 
Sistemas de Aniquilacion (Peru) / Rappa (Japan) Dirty Wombs (Greece) / Corbata (Japan) / Proxy (Canada) / Truncheons (Canada) / Systematik (Canada) / Kvoteringen (Sweden)