Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Shit Dogs - The History Of Cheese - 2x7"

The Shit Dogs - The History Of Cheese - 2 x 7" KBD reissue

Reborn/Raw Meat/Killer Cain/WW11 Never Ended/Blood Clot - 2 x 7"
Redneck ramones. From Baton Rouge, Louisiana
We have always been huge fans of these guys both in theory (they’re called The Shit Dogs, man!) and in practice. We first heard them as a 19-year-old LAZY COWGIRLS fanatic who followed every Southern California show of said band circa 1986-89; they debuted a new cover of the ‘Dogs “Reborn” during that epoch, and always took care to announce from the stage who had originally penned it. Great crap-fi, meathead punk number, and a few years later I heard the original on a “Killed By Death” along with the even better “Killer Cain” from the Shit Dogs’ “History of Cheese” EP. The band seem to have existed on the same who-cares, crap-for-crap’s sake mental plane as the SCREAMIN’ MEE-MEES, PENETRATORS and of course THE RAMONES, none of whom were crap in the least. Lousiana’s best rock band of all time? Hey, can you name a better one?--Review from Agony Shorthand

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