Sunday, 14 August 2016

BIRTH DEFORMITIES/CULO - Suburbanized 10''- dark blue marbled vinyl tour version only.

BIRTH DEFORMITIES/CULO - Suburbanized 10''- dark blue marbled vinyl tour version only - This is an exclusive colour for Blitzrecords
Band includes Nick Sick of the long gone Cowabunga Records and two members of long gone band CULO - Nathan and Sean - available for £3.99 at
Musically, Birth Deformities deliver excellent mostly mid-tempo hardcore/punk that leans more towards the punk rock side of things which is fine with me. The band also pick up the pace on a select few tracks which helps keep things varied and interesting, and Nick delivers his vocals in a clear yet angry style that suits the music perfectly. Dave G.
Bass – A.J.
Drums – Stingray
Guitar – Drugface
Vocals – Nick Sick
A1 I Messed Up
A2 Failed At Life
A3 Suburbanized
A4 Nobody Likes Me
A5 You Can't Catch Me
B1 Mentally Damaged
B2 Don't Set Me Off
B3 Marital Abuse
B4 My Walls
B5 Feel Like Shit
B6 Hate Group

Sweet Tooth - Blister Music EP - 7" flexi.

Sweet Tooth - Blister Music EP - 7" flexi.
Last few copies of this flexi on the defunct label Cowabunga Records - great package - grab 'em here for £1.99 at
SWEET TOOTH: Blister Music EP: 7” Flexi - One time press limited to 400 only world wide on black vinyl - 100 on red.
Charles Bronson’s baby brothers furiously trying to break open their bottle of Ritalin while listening to Gauze. An affinity for late ‘90s Japanese hardcore never hurt anyone and I’m glad that someone other than myself appreciates Exclaim, Charm, and Jellyroll Rockheads. Irresponsibility hasn’t sounded this good in years. If it’s true that flexis wear out after repeat listens, then I suggest buying two copies of this because this fucker doesn’t stand a chance once it touches down on your turntable. –Juan Espinosa
A1 Fuckhead
A2 Upside Down
A3 Smegs
A4 Weekend Punk
A5 I Am Blister

Brown Sugar – Luvly - 7″.

Brown Sugar – Luvly - 7″.
Brown Sugar black vinyl limited to 420 copies and a one time press limited to 60 copies only worldwide on maroon/magenta vinyl on the great, long defunct Cowabunga Record label - Available at
From the first moment I heard this band I was a believer. Being truly creative in a horribly uncreative scene is something to be applauded. Then again maybe all you need is to be from Buffalo, New York and it just comes to you naturally? Whether or not it’s in the water isn’t important, what I’m focusing on is that Brown Sugar shreds like no other band. One thing that separates them from their contemporaries is solid talent and their ability to know when to say when. Brown Sugar songs aren’t overly complicated (as if they are trying too hard), but they are more complicated than the average punk song. They don’t appear to be pandering to a specific trendy sound, they just happen to appreciate some of the finer aspects of recording punk music. The Luvly single has surely surpassed the other singles, splits, and the LP, in that they have grown and embraced some more diverse musical elements. I mean there are harmonies for fuck’s sake! And… I don’t even hate them! (I love harmonies, just not in unexpected places -Ed.) Instrumentally things build and plateau then build some more before falling apart. Songs go from intense and driving to suddenly light and airy. It really is a strange thing to hear from the same band who previously wrote straight forward ripper’s like “Brown Eyed Girl / Copper Helicopter.” - thanx to Just A Visual.
A1 Candy
A2 Alpha & Omega
B1 Easy Ridah
B2 Choir Boy