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Court Martial – No Solution EP -7"

Court Martial – No Solution EP

Riot City Records – RIOT 11 Released:1982
A No Solution B1 Too Late B2 Take Control
They were formed first in 1979. in Bristol,UK.Their first name was The Zeds,untill Ian McPherson replaced John on drums and the band changed the name in Court martial.Line up:Alex Burroughs-vocals,Simon Burroughs-lead,vocals,Ian McPherson-drums and Richard Braybrooke on bas.They fprmed the band when they were still in school.Their influence come fromearly punk bands like Sex pistols,The Clash.First gigs they played in local youth clubs in Bristol.In 1982.they supported band The Vice Squad and shortly after they recorded demo single and got signed with Vice Squad’s label Riot City Records.

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Subhumans – Rats - 7" EP

Subhumans – Rats

Bluurg Records – fish 10 - Released:1984
Skull Side A1 Joe Public 2:08 A2 Labels 2:16
Bluurg Side B1 When The Bomb Drops 3:11
B2 Rats
An anarcho-punk band formed in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, UK in 1979 by Dick Lucas, who had formerly been in local bands including The Mental and Stupid Humans. The band released a demo in 1981 which was heard by members of the band Flux of Pink Indians after being sent to them by Graham Burnett of New Crimes fanzine, who were so impressed that they offered Subhumans a chance to put out a record on their newly-formed Spiderleg label. Shortly afterwards the Subhumans began to release material on their own Bluurg Records label.
After Subhumans split up, Lucas formed the bands Culture Shock and Citizen Fish. The Subhumans reform for live performances, including at least two major tours of North America in the 21st Century, (Live In A Dive is a product of the first) and they continue to command a strong following. Subhumans are known for their thought-provoking, anarchic lyrics.

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Chron Gen – Puppets Of War EP - 7"

Chron Gen – Puppets Of War EP

Gargoyle Records  – GRGL 780 Released:1981
A1 Mindless Few A2 Chron Gen B1 Lies B2 Puppets Of War
Chron Gen were formed in January 1978 in Hitchin, Herts. Ex members of The Condemned and Optional Xtras fused into Chron Gen. The members were Glenn Barber (Vocals/guitairist), Jon JJ Johnson (Drummer) Jon Thurlow (Rythym guitar) and Pete Dimmock (Bassist). The band released their debut EP “Puppets of War” (also had singles versions of Lies, Chronic Generation, and Mindless Few)

With the Succes of the EP led to an invitation to join The Exploited, Discharge, Anti-Pasti, and The Anti-Nowhere League to go to the now infamous Apocalypse tour that rampaged through the UK in the summer of ‘81. On a sadder note, Floyd (one of the later members of the group) died October 31, 1999.

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The Enemy – Fallen Hero - 7"

The Enemy – Fallen Hero Fallout Records – FALL 001  Released:1982
The Enemy formed in early 1980 in their local youth club, with several changes of personnel before they stabilized the following year as Mark Woodhouse (vocals), Steve “Mez” Mellors (guitar), Steve O’Donnell (bass), and Mark Herrington (drums). They played their first gig at Woodlands Youth Centre, and landed a support slot on Anti Pasti’s gig in Huddersfield. They recorded their first single, “50,000 Dead” at Old Cottage Studios in Derby, releasing it on their own Tin Tin label. The single was quite successful and led to the band being signed to Fall Out Records, debuting on the label with “Fallen Hero” in May 1982, which reached number 44 in the UK Indie Chart. “Fallen Hero”, an anti-war song, was also included on the Punk and Disorderly volume 2 compilation which reached the indie top 10. The band’s third single was less successful, and Mellor was replaced by Kevin Lamb of local punk band Total Loss, who livened up the band’s live performances.

Debut album Gateway to Hell was issued in 1983 to much critical acclaim and respectable sales. Herrington left the band before the album was released, to be replaced by Dave Hill. The band toured around Britain in support of the album, but were dropped by Fall Out, and moved to the local Rot label (run by Riot Squad’s Dunk) for their next single, “Last But Not Least”, which was followed by an album of the same name (now featuring a fifth member, lead guitarist Phil Maw), with tracks split between a live recording from The Bierkeller in Leeds and studio tracks recorded at Cargo Studios in Rochdale. The album turned out to be The Enemy’s final release, with disappointing sales and musical differences prompting the band to call it a day.

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One Way System – No Entry - 7"

One Way System – No Entry

Lightbeat Records – WAY 1 Released:1982
One Way System first lit up the second wave punk revolution with their fresh faced, no nonsense sound in the early eighties, when Oi! and skinhead culture had all but rejected the original punk ethic. One Way System managed to bridge the gap. From the front cover of Sounds to the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles, the System remained sharp and impressive, their natural aggression and un-faulting professionalism sealing their reputation as one of the most exciting bands on the international punk circuit. The ‘comeback’ gig at the 1996 Holidays In The Sun festival only proved that One Way System are still a force to be reckoned with. A year later they were taking Japan by storm. A new millennium has rolled by and One Way System still impress. Touring Europe and the USA. Playing to enthusiastic crowds they remain as hard hitting as ever.

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Murder The Disturbed – Genetic Disruption - 7"

Murder The Disturbed – Genetic Disruption Small Wonder Records – Small 17
Murder The Disturbed were signed to the short-lived, London-based Small Wonder Records. This is the very same label that released the debut singles, and in effect launched the careers, of some of indie music’s most legendary acts – a list that includes genre-defining artists such as Bauhaus, The Cure, and Crass, as well as lesser known artists like Patrik Fitzgerald, Cravats, Demon Preacher, and Poison Girls. Interesting enough?

Stylistically, Murder The Disturbed fit in quite well on Small Wonder’s roster. 1979’s Genetic Disruption is as worthy a debut as any – chalked full of moody minimalistic postpunk, it has a sound so primitive you might be tricked into thinking that the band were actually some obscure krautrock sensation dowsed in proto-punk voodoo. Good stuffs. Many thanx to Lifeonthedot.

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Scars – Adult/ery / Horrorshow - 7"

Scars – Adult/ery / Horrorshow Fast Product – FAST 8  - Released:1979
Scars (originally known as The Scars) were a post-punk band that hailed from Edinburgh, Scotland, and were a part of that city’s bustling music scene of the late 70s - early 80s. They released number of 7“‘s from 1979 - 1981 and in 1981 they released their one and only album Author! Author! They have also released a live album from 1981 Scars Live Valentino’s Edinburgh Sunday June 21 1981
Scars did their first gig in December 2010 in Edinburgh after an absence of 25 years. They also played a live session in February 2011 for Marc Riley on BBC Radio 6 Music
They are currently working on a new album to be released in 2012

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Riot Squad – Don't Be Denied EP - 7"

Riot Squad – Don't Be Denied EP Rot Records – ASS 1
Mansfield based RIOT SQUAD were originally formed in September 1981 in the small Nottinghamshire mining village of Shirebrook. The original lineup consisted of Dunk Mason (vocals), Paul ‘Pommi’ Palmer (drums), Nigel ‘Nello’ Nelson (guitar) and Wayne Butler (bass). They first started out by playing small local gigs in and around Mansfield before hitting the road and travelling up and down the UK on small tours. During this time the band found a keen interest from Mansfield based record label Rondolet Records and were soon signed up, firstly releasing ‘Fuck the Tories’ EP, which was produced by Mike Stone and then a second EP ‘Riots in the City’ was released. Shortly after this time, Nello left the band to be quickly replaced by local guitarist Staz, who only lasted a short tour. Three men were almost immediately reduced to two when Dunk announced that he was leaving to set up his own record label, which later became Rot Records.
From early on, 1983 saw big changes to the lineup… Wayne moved onto the guitar, while recruiting local bassist Ched to handle bass duties and lead vocals being taken over by ex-roadie (and Wayne’s brother) Lee. A few short weeks after the new lineup was established, Dunk approached RIOT SQUAD as his first signing. With this new lineup also came a different sound and approach to their earlier material and the band were soon gigging all over the UK.

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Criminal Class – Fighting The System - 7"

Criminal Class – Fighting The System Tempest Records  – HELL 7 Released:1982

Criminal Class were oringally formed in 1979 by vocaist Craig St. Leon, drummer Mark Branski, bassist rick Bristow and guitarist Gary Meffen and there first gig was in December od the same year at The Zodiac pub in Conventry. Most of 1980 was spent playing gigs in and around the Coventry area quite often gigging with Crux. A Demotape was made during the summer at Woodbine Street Studios, Leanington Spa. The demo tape was sent to Garry bushell at ‘Sounds’ who seemed pretty keen on the band and invited them to appear at the first Oi! Convention at Southgate, North London.

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Destructors - Senseless Violence EP - 7"

Destructors – Senseless Violence EP Carnage Records – BOOK 2  - Released:1982
The Destructors (aka The Blanks, Destructors V) are a punk rock band from Peterborough, England, formed in 1977 and active with a varying lie-up until 1984. They re-formed as Destructors 666 in 2006.The band was formed by former 6ck 6ck 6ck members Allen Adams (vocals), Phil Atterson (guitar), and Dip (Paul Wicks) (bass), along with a varying line-up including Andy Butler (drums). They changed their name to The Blanks before their controversial debut 1979 single, “The Northern Ripper” (released at the time that The Yorkshire Ripper was on the loose). The Destructors name was resurrected by Adams and Jackson with a new line-up of Neil Singleton (vocals), Andy McDonald (drums), and ‘Dave’ (lead guitar), with Jackson and Dave replaced by Dave Ithermee (rhythm guitar) and Graham “Gizz” Butt (lead guitar, formerly of The System, among other bands) before their next release, 1982’s Senseless Violence EP. Butt took on the job of writing about half of the band’s music, with Adams writing the lyrics. Singleton remembered the songs: “They could be very complicated and a right bastard to remember. He also seemed to have a fixation with serial killers!”. A series of EPs and two albums followed before 1984’s final album Bomb Hanoi, Bomb Saigon, Bomb Disneyland. The band split shortly after Bomb Hanoi, their records never living up to their live shows, and the band members falling out. According to Singleton: “I don’t think we ever made a really good record! They never ever lived up to our live shows; We were so much better on stage”. Of the frictions within the band, Butt said: “Neil couldn’t get on with Alan, and me and Dave didn’t want Andy on drums any more. We weren’t happy with Alan organising everything and neglecting his bass-playing role”. Adams immediately formed a new band, Five Go Mad In Europe, and resurrected the band name as Destructors V in 1984. Singleton went on to front Trench Fever. Butt went on to form The Desecrators, joined English Dogs, and later formed Janus Stark, also playing guitar with The Prodigy.
The band name was resurrected again in 2006 as Destructors 666, with former members Adams, Dave Colton, and Steve Rolls joined by a (largely) new group of musicians. They released a series of EPs from 2006 onwards and continue to perform live.

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Disrupters - Shelter For The Rich - 7"

Disrupters – Shelters For The Rich Radical Change Records – RC 2
Released:Aug 1982
Anarchist punk band from Norwich, UK. Formed in late 1980, the band got off to an early start with a demo of Napalm being released by Crass Records on the Bullshit Detector compilation.1981 saw the recording and release of the first single, Young Offender, on the band's own label, Radical Change Records. This was a surprise hit in the indie charts and far outsold all expectations. The track Young Offender also appeared on Punk & Disorderly compilation.
By 1983 the band had a settled lineup of Steve, Kev, Paul & Steve.
The band were believers of direct action, which led to various arrests and court cases. They were also very active in their support of other bands, with releases by Destructors, Icon AD, Revulsion & Self Abuse on the band's label, as well as organising gigs.
The band split in 1988, disallusioned with the growing divides within the scene. Kevin went on to form Saigon Kiss. Steve Hansell was vocalist in New York Scum Haters.
In recent years there has been a DVD "Anarchy, Peace & Chips" released and also the anthology CD "Gas the Punx". There are murmers from The Disrupters camp that there may be a reform of the band.
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Brown Sugar - Tropical Disease - 7" ltd coloured vinyl


Brand new EP from this head-turning band from upstate New York. Just like on their recent, acclaimed LP, Brown Sugar blast out four bursts of unclassifiable hardcore... these guys can play their asses off and aren't content to write the same old boring punk song every other band has written a million times, yet they also feel the rage and manage to communicate it. Can there be a better combination of characteristics for a modern punk band? You know you're looking forward to this one, so go ahead and grab it. Feral Kid/Fashionable Idiots Records. Four new cuts of artistic thrift from the Ecclesiastical urban prairie of rustfucked Buffalo, NY. The latest output from the Shug’s mutating loins, this eclectic platter exhibits folky idyllic proto-spunk, raw Scandinavia-meets-Midwest rage, lowbrow (or maybe even no brow) hardcore, and even hard funk. Recorded on the 10th anniversary of the hollow towers’ controlled demolition. -B.Gaffney

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