Monday, 15 April 2019

Purple-X ‎– Self-Titled - 7" EP Norway.

Purple-X ‎– Self-Titled - 7" EP Norway.
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Hardcore punk band from Oslo, Norway.
Out of the storm that have become the new winter of toxic, anxious Oslo Hardcore; gloomy spiral punks Purple-X ascends onto their debut EP with four new tracks. For those of you who have been lucky enough to catch their 2017 demo or have seen them around in Europe for the previous year; you know that they have been notorious at delivering stomps and harmonies in equal dozes; accompanied by general contempt and existential anxiety. Often described as a combination of contemporary punk bands like Crazy Spirit pulled through the filter of scandinavian hardcore; Purple-X have just ascended on their journey towards their magnum opus, and the Purple X certainly still marks the spot...
A1 Pre-tense 
A2 Glasses 
B1 Daddy Issues 
B2 Freak Nature

Hag ‎– Be My Filth - 7" EP Sweden.

Hag ‎– Be My Filth - 7" EP Sweden.
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Hardcore punk from Malmö, Sweden.
"Hag's musical approach like something that "snarls and lunges at you like a rabid creature in the night" and I can't argue with the man. The Swedish miscreants' Be My Filth EP from 2018 is a wicked piece of work and if the band can figure out a way to tour the States this year, I can see them going over big with folks who love everything from Los Crudos to Tragedy."
1. Be My Filth 02:09
2. Preaching / Raggedy 03:35
3. Slippery 01:19
4. Faulty Pieces 01:07
5. Hag 01:37