Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Loose Prick - Valkoiset sotilaat - LP

Limited to 300 on white vinyl with gatefold cover.
Loose Prick, the classic punk quartet from Kouvola, Finland, kicked off their career with two seven inches at the tail end of the seventies and then put out the debut full length 'Valkoiset sotilaat' on Poko Records in the summer of 1980. From three-chord punk rock blasters to slight experimentation and new wave influences, the album is a stone cold cult classic. It has not been reissued in its original form since 1980, until now.
The Svart reissue is 24-bit mastered for vinyl from the original tapes and comes in a gatefold jacket, which features liner notes by the band and some unseen photos.
The LP is available on standard black and limited white vinyl.
A1 Jokin Meni Vikaan
A2 Likaiset Enkelit
A3 Kai Me Oikein Tehtiin
A4 Sä Pelkäät
A5 Mikään Ei Saa Mua Jäämään
A6 Kaupunki Peittyy Taas Pimeään
A7 Valkoiset Sotilaat
B1 Ota Mua Kädestä
B2 Odotan, Että Jotain Tapahtuisi
B3 Ennen Pimeää
B4 Niin Usein
B5 Yöt Kanssasi
B6 Enkelitkin Ovat Vaienneet

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Kohu-63 - Lisää verta historiaan - LP + 7"

Limited to 300 on red vinyl with bonus 7", 12 page booklet and stencil insert.
Kohu-63 is one of the more notorious Finnish hardcore bands, famous for vocalist Lättä's prison sentence for manslaughter in 1983 a few months after the release of the band's debut full length album Lisää verta historiaan. The LP was a luxurious package for its time and genre, it featured a 12 page A4 booklet and a 12" insert meant to be used as a graffiti stencil. Kohu-63 went on hiatus for a couple of years with Lättä in prison, so the buzz around the band died down and the album became one of the rarest Finnish hardcore LPs. Copies with both inserts intact change hands for sums up to 200 euros.
The Svart reissue is otherwise an exact repro of the original - with the booklet and the stencil - apart from the addition of a one-sided 7". It consists of rare uncensored versions of two songs which appeared on the album in censored form: "Poliisit on verisii persereikii" (The police are bloody assholes) and "Me ollaan jumalia" (We are gods). When the label heard the recording sessions, the band were requested to change the profane lyrics of these blatant anti-authoritarian and anti-religious ditties. Kohu-63 recorded new versions of these tracks in later years, but the original -82 uncensored versions remained unreleased. Until now, that is.
A1 Rakkaus On Sairautta 1:47
A2 Lisää Verta Historiaan 1:46
A3 Sotaa 0:57
A4 Valtaa III 1:27
A5 Turmellus 2:45
A6 Ihmisii? 1:46
A7 Teillä Ei Oo Maailmaa 1:53
A8 Tulevaisuus Lohduttaa 2:19
B1 Tääkö On Vapautta 1:29
B2 Me Ollaan Jumalia 1:15
B3 Olet Täydellinen 1:51
B4 Valtaa IV 1:30
B5 Kyllästynyt 2:22
B6 Näytä Niille 1:25
B7 Kaatakaa Rauhanjuna 1:35
B8 Punakaartilaisten Marssi

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