Monday, 15 August 2016

BRITCORE RAWMANCE -Juice MC's/Lyrical Prophets/Planet Of The Fakes/ Blades/The Mantis Chapter.

BRITCORE RAWMANCE -Juice MC's/Lyrical Prophets/Planet Of The Fakes/ Blades/The Mantis Chapter.
In stock - great label - very small press - very tastefully done  - heavy card silver silkscreened covers - definitely worth some support - I have a few of each title left - - - - 
Classic hardcore hiphop British style ala Hijack, Silver Bullet, Kold Sweat etc... on the extremely limited Britcore Rawmance 7 Deadly Sins series - all 7" copies are on coloured vinyl and limited to 200 copies only . . . just love this stuff and it's something a little different from Uncle Mike - indulge here
BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 DEADLY SINS 001 Juice MC's "secret intelligence/this jam is under attack" 7".
The hip hop family tree is VAST. It's roots stretch out mile upon mile, spanning borders, cultures and genres. The fruit from this tree varies from branch to branch. Some sweet, some sour, some young, some old. Over the years hip hop has encompassed the entire globe, and to those who know their history, there is a very specific sound to those early UK bangers. Occasionally, an artist manages to capture that very raw energy that encapsulated those early years. The 'New' Old School. This release oozes with it. Let's use this opportunity to take it apart and analyse just what it is that grabs us by the hand and says "Tap your toes and nod your head! NOW!" Straight outa Tamworth and around since the mid 80s, the crew features a classic combo of 2 MCs (Wordz and AJ) and 1 DJ (Suicide Petch), and they use it to it's full potential. Knowing when and where to pass the mic and hype the other MC, and where to place the scratches have always been essential to the construction of a hardcore dance floor filler.…/secret-intelligence-this-jam-is-un… 
BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 DEADLY SINS 002 Lyrical Prophets "4 parts of war/northside" 7".
The posse from the north..…Germany’s northernmost Hardcore Rap crew from the island of Sylt to be precise. Two previously unreleased tracks have just been unleashed, “4 Parts Of War” which clamps down on racism, nationalism and fascism and which features Dark Shade from Hamburg-Hardcore combo Respublica, and the uptempo track “Northside” on the flip side, with it’s non-interchangeable and uncompromising German hardcore style. Both tracks have been recorded in 1994 and made their way on the Prophets’ Demo-Tape the same year, which caught the attention of Blue Eyes, who took two of the tracks for the infamous “Underground Unsigned” sampler the same year (“Bastard” and “German Passport”). The rest of the tracks remained unreleased before the downloads were made available here and Britcore Rawmance finally picked them up to press them on wax. And here we go – Lyrical Prophets as part of the “Seven Deadly Sins Series” on a 33⅓ 7″ on red wax, with two tracks more than 20 years old.…/…/05-four-parts-of-war.mp3…/…/2008/02/06-northside.mp3 
BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 DEADLY SINS 003 Planet Of The Fakes "kill a man twice/ignite the mic" 7".
The self-proclaimed Britcore Supergroup is back with their third release....a 45er on Britcore Rawmance, as part 3 of the “Seven Deadly Sins Series”. The 7″ is pressed on crystal-clear wax and available through Britcore Rawmance. The tracks are in the typical vein of classical Britcore. It got everything that it needs to be called Britcore. Tempo and abrasiveness, hard hitting drum patterns overlain by sirens and last but not least vocal samples from legendary Britcore crews are used. Even from the titles you can guess that these guys are trying hard to be classified as such (Katch 22 / Gunshot). The release has been lovely put together by Britcore Rawmance and although this more is a “Must-Have”!…/kill-a-man-twice-ign…
BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 DEADLY SINS 004 Blades "australian/ we run this shit" 7".
this double A-sided 7″ features 2 tracks from their 2014 album “The Leak” which was available on limited cassette run only. Britcore Rawmance picked “Australian” and “We Run This Shit” which features the Monkey Sons to be the fourth release in the Seven Deadly Sins series. classic uk inspired hc-hiphop. limited to 200 copies only.
BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 DEADLY SINS 005 The Mantis Chapter "i ceni kings/ nightfall one" 7".
The Cambridge duo returns to wax.. After their phenomenal debut album in combination in 2013, the M.A.N.T.I.S. returns on wax, released by Britcore Rawmance as the next part of the Seven Deadly Sins series. With the LP “Nocturnal Sorceries” still being on heavy rotation after almost 3 years we were eagerly waiting for new TMC material to be released and like expected this is not disappointing in any way and was absolutely worth the waiting. Two brand new banging tracks from TSOne and Acas13 in their unique style plus DJ Tones on the cuts on both of them – if you are down with them and their sound then give it a go, show your love and support these guys! limited to 200 copies only.their sound then give it a go, show your love and support these guys! limited to 200 copies only.