Wednesday, 9 December 2015

MOB 47-"Karnvapen Attack EP"- 7".

MOB 47-"Karnvapen Attack EP"- 7".
IN STOCK NOW - classic 80's Swedish hardcore/punk ... official repress of their 1984 E.P. with the Uproar records cover - limited to 420 copies only - WHAT AN ALL TIME FUCKING CLASSIC - first ten copies come with free MOB 47 button badge - grab one quick at

Mob 47 is a hardcore punk band which formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 1982, originally under the name of "Censur". In 1983 the band members changed the name to what it's now called "Mob 47" when singer Mentis entered the band. During their early years they played with the legendary band Anti Cimex. They were influenced by bands such as Discharge, Crucifix, D.R.I., and B.G.K.. They have been described as the fastest of the Swedish D-beat groups.
Kärnvapen Attack 
Rustning Är Ett Brott 
Res Dig Mot Överheten 
Vi Rustar Dom Dör 
Det Är Upp Till Oss 
Dom Ljuger 
Ingen Framtid 
Animal Liberation