Friday, 8 February 2019

SYSTEMATIC DEATH - Systema 11 – 7”.

Much sort after 7" now, managed to get the last few copies.
SYSTEMATIC DEATH-“Systema 11”EP Japanese hardcore legends return with four ultra-devastating studio trax!! Easily comparable to their finest recording, prepare to get destroyed again by their classic style of pure Japanese HC terror. Incredibly tight, masterful songs with raging wailing guitars and brutal unleashed drumming. Not to be missed!! 
A1 That
A2 Soredakede (Just Have It)
A3 Dungeon
B1 Ready Go!

Hez ‎– Problemas - 7" EP, Spain.

Hez ‎– Problemas - 7" EP, Spain.
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"HEZ from Panamá return with their newest offering of ultra-dark HC-Punk. Tormented vocals echo over distorted bass and psyched-out guitars, bouncing between grooving moshy parts and stomping 1-2 1-2 beats. HEZ continue to prove themselves to be one of the best contemporary hc-punk bands on a world scale. Coming from a local history of punk that goes back to the mid-late 80s, HEZ builds upon that criminally overlooked scene and creates something that sets an example for the world to take note; punk, and incredible punk at that, happens all over the world, and it’s time to look past the hype machines of the Western First World countries and see that the rest of the world is creating music just as ferocious, original and maybe even more relevant. Excellent as always artwork by Yecatl Peña" - World Gone Mad.
A1 Destruido
A2 Nuevo Enemigo
B1 Problemas
B2 ¿Que Esperabas?
B3 Viven Angustiados