Friday, 15 July 2016

LOW THREAT PROFILE - product #3 - 7" - yellow vinyl.

LOW THREAT PROFILE - product #3 - 7" - yellow vinyl.
A few of these to clear out - great price
Limited mailorder only on yellow vinyl in high gloss heavy weight jacket with insert.
This third output from Low Threat Profile features Infest's Matt Domino not only playing guitar and bass but doing all of the vocals as well, with the band being rounded out by Bob from Deep Six/Lack Of Interest on drums. These nine tracks are exactly what should be expected: fast, intense hardcore that borders on the powerviolence played by those who originated the genre. This is probably one of the most fierce and down-to-the-core and back-to-basics hardcore records of the last decade and a strong reminder that high energy playng and superb songwriting are everything you need when it's time to deliver the goods in five minutes of hardcore. For fans of Manpig, Infest and No Comment. Threat Profile deliver another nine scoops of vanilla hardcore with a dollop of whip cream and a "fuck you" on top.
Track Listing:
The Opportunist
Set The Bar Low
Middle Age Casualty
God Complex
Give And Receive
Null And Void
Dropping Like Flies.