Thursday, 3 March 2016

Lifespite - Self-Titled 7" - red vinyl.

Lifespite - Self-Titled 7" - red vinyl.
Lifespite - Self-Titled 7" very limited, 100 copies mailorder only on red vinyl - available for immediate consumption here
LIFESPITE is ready to pound your worthless skull to dust! This is negative hardcore! Having just recorded their debut 7" with Marc Van Duivenvoorde (Herder, Villainy, Acid Deathtrip) at Perimeter Audio, LIFESPITE are bringing you six tracks of contempt and disgust for mankind. This is crude, blunt, and hateful hardcore for axe-wielding maniacs into Haymaker, Sheer Terror, Left For Dead, and Infest.

A1 Dead In A Ditch 1:38
A2 Over And Done 1:58
A3 Taste The Floor 0:59
B1 Organ Thieves 2:17
B2 Bullshit Species 1:15
B3 Final Exit

Terminal Nation - Self-Titled 7" colour vinyl.

Terminal Nation - Self-Titled 7".
4 x different colour vinyl - finally in stock although only a few left after pre-orders go out - pick your colour here
HARDCORE. Hardcore with heavy breakdowns… fans of WEEKEND NACHOS and LACK OF INTEREST will be pleased. TERMINAL NATION are a hardcore band from Arkansas who combine the spirit of NYHC bands like CITIZENS ARREST and SHEER TERROR with the relentlessness of power-violence. This unique concoction of hardcore makes their 7” called "waste" a force to be reckoned with. The 8 song 7" is chock full of disgruntled aggression that bellows out of every pore of the record.
A1 Absent
A2 Waste
A3 Wolves
A4 Employee Of The Month
A5 Cop Drop
B1 Pre-existing Condition
B2 Freddy's Revenge
B3 Life Suck
B4 Terminal Stomp

PROTES BENGT - In Bengt We Trust - EP - 7".

PROTES BENGT - In Bengt We Trust - EP - 7".
Superb repress of this classic 7" EP with different Silkscreened cover and labels - great stuff, available at
Repress on classic swedish 7“ originally released via Röj records in 1985. Protes Bengt was a blast off hardcore project by Åke from Mob 47 and Per Thunell from Filthy Christians and was basically Mob 47 with Per on vocals. The band was mainly formed to break some guys who did a tape withloads of songs. Protes Bengt never rehearsed but made two recordings. The first recording contains 74 "songs" of which 32 were released as this "In Bengt We Trust" EP. Most of the lyrics are really stupid but some have serious contents. The second recording was a 12-track demo called "Bengt e sänkt", the style had change to more one beat hardcore like Heresy, D.R.I, Lärm.

Trimmad Älg
Skalad Gurka
18 Meloner
Krossa Er
En Kasse Bira
Snuten Bakom Knuten
Kul I Hjul
Bibeln E Min Lag
Inte Banga Ur
Rösta På Dig Själv
Grymt Sa Bengt
Hjälp Snuten