Sunday, 24 February 2019

Anhedoni/Remiso, split tape - Sweden.

Anhedoni/Remiso, split tape - Sweden.
Anhedoni and Remiso both from Malmö, teams up for a brilliant split tape release. 
Anhedoni keeps their crusted dark way of pumbeling d-beat to what they do superbly, easily compared to a lot of metalic crusters from out the of the 90:ties. 
Remiso delivers a metalic thrasy way of old-school rawpunk in the south-american way. Sung in Portuguese and delivered in a punk as fuck way of rawpunk mangel. 
Both bands covers one song from each others songs to make this even more of the split.

1. I Stormens Öga
2. Död Inom Timmen
3. En väg Ut
4. För Hatet i Tiden
5. Våld (Remiso)

1. Sobrevivencia
2. Burn Your Flag (Crutches)
3. Antimilitar
4. Medo Social
5. Försupen Förlorad (Anhedoni)

Genöme - The Sound Of Loud Ringing In The Ear - tape Sweden.

Genöme - The Sound Of Loud Ringing In The Ear - tape Sweden.
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Total loud noise punk madness from the Norragränges of Malmö. As the title reveals, you can just imagine the feeling of the noize militia. Total destruction, and total noize.
1. Destroy
2. Exhaust Spirits
3. Dåre
5. Yesterday Of Tomorrow
6. Naive
7. Electromagnetic Junkie
8. Nya Vänner?
9. Cop Cries Blood