Sunday, 24 February 2019

Anhedoni/Remiso, split tape - Sweden.

Anhedoni/Remiso, split tape - Sweden.
Anhedoni and Remiso both from Malmö, teams up for a brilliant split tape release. 
Anhedoni keeps their crusted dark way of pumbeling d-beat to what they do superbly, easily compared to a lot of metalic crusters from out the of the 90:ties. 
Remiso delivers a metalic thrasy way of old-school rawpunk in the south-american way. Sung in Portuguese and delivered in a punk as fuck way of rawpunk mangel. 
Both bands covers one song from each others songs to make this even more of the split.

1. I Stormens Öga
2. Död Inom Timmen
3. En väg Ut
4. För Hatet i Tiden
5. Våld (Remiso)

1. Sobrevivencia
2. Burn Your Flag (Crutches)
3. Antimilitar
4. Medo Social
5. Försupen Förlorad (Anhedoni)

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