Friday, 9 September 2016

Mature Situations ‎– Old Hands - 7" pink vinyl.

Long deleted 7" from 2010 on Deranged Records from the Burning Love front man - great band - grab armfuls at £1.99 each here ---
Mature Situations, the band, was borne of the need to trivialise the grievances and tribulations of the elderly, (in a sexual manner where possible), so as to anger karma and preemptively flip off the inevitable pants-shitting, Viagra-snorting, hip-replacing, sour-milk-smelling future of all men. Is nothing sacred? 4 new songs, featuring Chris Colohan on drums (LEFT FOR DEAD , CURSED, BURNING LOVE).
A1 The Old Hands
A2 Groundhog Day
B1 Scooters On The Streets
B2 Forced Retirement