Friday, 8 June 2012

School Jerks - PPDSCEMFOBBT EP - 7" ltd gold vinyl

SCHOOL JERKS - PPDSCEMFOBBT EP - 7" ltd gold vinyl - Gold vinyl limited to 100 copies

If you're reading this, you probably have a good idea as to what this band sounds like by now, Amdi Petersens Arme and pre-Damaged Black Flag all spring to mind of course. Now in its 3rd press and since this is the 1st 7'' I've done on this label to warrant a 3rd press and also since I get asked about color wax for this particular EP quite a bit even years later, I decided to do 1 last go on color vinyl for the record. I thought WHITE was fitting for the 1st press and the ORANGE vinyl I got in the 2nd press was never asked for but a nice nerd bonus, but the limited color for this press is 100 on GOLD. Its sort of a joke color choice as this 7'' is as close to me going 'gold' salewise on a 7'' release. So if you missed out on the WHITE of the 1st press or weren't lucky to snatch up a copy on ORANGE, here's your last chance on color wax for this amazing 2nd EP by one of Toronto's best!

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Slobs - Look Busy Do Nothing - 7" ltd purple vinyl

SLOBS - Look Busy Do Nothing EP - 7" Purple vinyl with black swirls limited to 100 copies

Hardly spoken of and rather elusive (NOT MYSTERIOUS) is Montreal's SLOBS, not 'The Slobs' like the KBD band but just SLOBS. This band keeps a low profile most likely to not giving a damn, but anyway their demo made some rounds but seemed to only make it into the hands of well researched demo collectors. Well this is their debut EP and if you didn't know the band they play a rowdy style of east coast hardcore punk that's ready for you to skank & bedroom mosh to. When I first heard the demo in 2009 I immediately thought of stuff like CFD era Necros meets early NYHC injected with a real dose of PUNK and it totally stomped my nuts. This debut EP is more of that same greatness but maybe add in some grittier elements like Nihilistics, make it more tough, mid tempo yet a little faster & again more punk. And yet, they still sound so distinctly Canadian and I mean that in the best way. Boasts members of the lovely OMEGAS and Naughty Girls for those sorts of people who buy records based off that unimportant 'members of' crap. Now in its 2nd press with 100 of those on Clear PURPLE mixed w Black!

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Boilerman - Yield The Ghost EP - 7" ltd clear vinyl

BOILERMAN - Yield The Ghost EP - 7" Clear vinyl - limited to 80 copies

Yes, the second EP from locals Boilerman! This 4 song record is a lot darker than the 1st one was and is genuinely a step up musically and in a way I'd say they hint at the Wipers a little but in a very indirect manner. I mean its still classic midwest style pop punk and very much done in the Boilerman 'style' here but maybe being blended with the song sensibilities Greg Sage had to round it out more. The recording fits this perfectly and I hope people check this one out. Just because its not a HC record doesn't mean its bad, its a killer 7'' and a little different from what most expect from me,,, but if you are ever expecting 'whatever' that's your own damn fault! Of course there's a chase version, 80 are on CLEAR vinyl too!

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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Male Nurses - Wanna Play Doctor - 7" ltd Sick Club black vinyl

Male Nurses - Wanna Play Doctor? - 7" black vinyl ltd /500 Sick Club issue

Wanna Play Doctor? b/w GI Jock
Black vinyl Sick Club issue
The 1st release from the Sick Club imprint is Somerville MA's MALE NURSES. Since its a singles club you'll either get 2 songs or 1 longer song and 2 short songs, so for theirs the band opted for 2 songs. These are actually rescused songs from a now aborted tour record, a good thing too since these are great tunes. The band has gotten more punk if anything since the debut on Deranged as they incorporate more melodies like the same classic 80's SoCal no brainers you'd expect.

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