Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Crossbreaker/No Reality – Split - 7".

Crossbreaker/No Reality – Split - 7".
Rare unplayed stock copy, first pressing limited to 70 copies only on black vinyl - Thirty Days Of Night Records - 2011.

Great DIY label TDON, now defunct - how limited is this motherfucker - here if you want it - 70 copies pressed https://blitzrecords.bigcartel.com
CROSSBREAKER are a contemporary metallic hardcore/punk band from South Wales. Formed late 2009 and not afraid to smash through the glass ceiling, they lace an unrelenting, dirt-clad heaviness with a edge of subtle melody, producing a disdainful come melancholic twist on the sounds of modern day hardcore. It’s pissed off, it’s visceral, it’s miserable as sin and it’s heavy as fuck.
NO REALITY is a band based in Birmingham, UK, taking influences from 80’s & 70’s Heavy Metal/Thrash like Black Sabbath, St. Vitus, Celtic Frost & Slayer.

A1 –Crossbreaker The Bastard Sons Of Yesterday 
A2 –Crossbreaker Nightmares 
A3 –Crossbreaker Open Lungs 
B1 –No Reality The White Druid 
B2 –No Reality March Of The Galahad 
B3 –No Reality Born In Denial