Thursday, 17 July 2014

Destructors ‎– Senseless Violence EP - 7"

Destructors ‎– Senseless Violence EP  Carnage Records ‎– BOOK 2 - 1982 - includes lyric insert. superb mint condition

 A1 AK 47
A2 Meaningless Names
B1 Police State
B2 Dachäu
B3 Death Squad

The Destructors (aka The Blanks, Destructors V) are a punk rock band from Peterborough, England, formed in 1977 and active with a varying lie-up until 1984. They re-formed as Destructors 666 in 2006.
The band was formed by former 6ck 6ck 6ck members Allen Adams (vocals), Phil Atterson (guitar), and Dip (Paul Wicks) (bass), along with a varying line-up including Andy Butler (drums). They changed their name to The Blanks before their controversial debut 1979 single, “The Northern Ripper” (released at the time that The Yorkshire Ripper was on the loose). The Destructors name was resurrected by Adams and Jackson with a new line-up of Neil Singleton (vocals), Andy McDonald (drums), and ‘Dave’ (lead guitar), with Jackson and Dave replaced by Dave Ithermee (rhythm guitar) and Graham “Gizz” Butt (lead guitar, formerly of The System, among other bands) before their next release, 1982’s Senseless Violence EP. Butt took on the job of writing about half of the band’s music, with Adams writing the lyrics. Singleton remembered the songs: “They could be very complicated and a right bastard to remember. He also seemed to have a fixation with serial killers!”. A series of EPs and two albums followed before 1984’s final album Bomb Hanoi, Bomb Saigon, Bomb Disneyland. The band split shortly after Bomb Hanoi, their records never living up to their live shows, and the band members falling out. According to Singleton: “I don’t think we ever made a really good record! They never ever lived up to our live shows; We were so much better on stage”. Of the frictions within the band, Butt said: “Neil couldn’t get on with Alan, and me and Dave didn’t want Andy on drums any more. We weren’t happy with Alan organising everything and neglecting his bass-playing role”. Adams immediately formed a new band, Five Go Mad In Europe, and resurrected the band name as Destructors V in 1984. Singleton went on to front Trench Fever. Butt went on to form The Desecrators, joined English Dogs, and later formed Janus Stark, also playing guitar with The Prodigy.
The band name was resurrected again in 2006 as Destructors 666, with former members Adams, Dave Colton, and Steve Rolls joined by a (largely) new group of musicians. They released a series of EPs from 2006 onwards and continue to perform live.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

PROTES BENGT - In Bengt We Trust - EP

Official reissue of their 32 track E.P. from 1985. All copies on black vinyl, all with screened cover.

Protes Bengt was a Swedish hardcore punk band and important instigators in the developing grindcore scene. They’re famous for their many short songs on singles like Bengt E Sänkt (17 tracks), In Bengt We Trust (32 tracks!) and the LP Mangla Som Ägg (48 tracks), all from 1986 and valuable rarities today.
The members of the band are famous too from their involvement in other bands like Mob 47 and Filthy Christians.
Classic 80's Swedish mangel .... with members of Mob 47 and singer would go on to do vox for Filthy Christians!

Trimmad Älg 
Skalad Gurka 
18 Meloner 
Krossa Er 
En Kasse Bira 
Snuten Bakom Knuten 
Kul I Hjul 
Bibeln E Min Lag 
Inte Banga Ur 
Rösta På Dig Själv 
Grymt Sa Bengt 
Hjälp Snuten 

Sunday, 13 July 2014

WARHEAD - Never Give Up - LP - orange vinyl

limited to 200 only on orange vinyl - Superb gatefold package with inner lyric sleeve - lyrics in Japanese and English

WARHEAD come from the former capital of the Empire, Kyoto, and there's no doubt they're among the top classic hard core bands from the Land of the Rising Sun. Insane Society now releases the most important of their 1991-2004 work on one LP wrapped in a cover by well-known japcore artist Sugi - 22 songs from their out-of-print and hard-to-find 7", split and compillation releases, boasting remastered sound (as heard on a CD previously released by Blood Sucker Records). The first song, "Cry of the Truth", is a solid punch in the face right off and this maelstrom of the most frantic hardcorepunk won't let you go until the needle has come to the last groove of the record. Maniac vocals mixed with massive sung-along refrains, guitars in the red, roaring bass, rabid drumming and cymbals sounding like a whiplash - all this makes for an incredibly loud and energetic mix, supported by lyrics full of defiance and desire to never conform and to never give up!
*1st 7'ep CRY OF THE TRUTH 
1.Cry of the Truth 2.Suicide 3.Fight with No Fear 
4.You in Corruption 5.You on Crime 
6.Burn Your Heart and Go Through Darkness! 7.At Full Speed
8.Absorb Shocks! 9.Crazy Soul Hurricane 
10.The Lost Self and Beating Heart 11.I'm Still Alive! 
12.Slash One´s Way 13.(Who's A) Law Breaker 
14.It´s Not A Dead End 
15.Brain Washing by the Shocks  16.Slash One´s Way 
17.Law Breaker 18.Circulation 
19.Under the Moonlight 20.Face Crisis 21.Routine
*SPLIT with ORdER 7'ep 
22.Don´t Give´n to Any Pressure!!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Terveet Kädet - S/T - MLP grey vinyl

PRE-ORDERS - available at  Released 25th July

650 x black vinyl
350 x grey vinyl

The legendary 1st Terveet Kädet 12-inch from 1983 is a much revered classic in the Finnish hardcore scene, but despite its lauded status it has not since its original release been available in its original form. The Svart reissue presents the mini-album just as it was 31 years ago: black and white covers, 45 RPM, no extra songs or alternate versions. Also features a 12 page booklet with liner notes, photos and clippings. 

Terveet Kädet - Musta jumala - LP grey vinyl

PRE-ORDERS - available at  Released 25th July

650 x black vinyl
350 x grey vinyl

The half-studio / half-live LP Black God / Musta jumala was released in Brazil and Germany in 1984 but hasn't been available in its original form in 30 years The Svart reissue presents the album just as it was 30 years ago: black and white covers, no extra track gaps or omissions, no extra songs or alternate versions. Also features a 8 page booklet with liner notes, photos and clippings.