Friday, 8 March 2019

Nuclear Power Genocide(Absolut/Paranoid) - Devastation Of The Future - 7" Canada.

Nuclear Power Genocide - Devastation Of The Future - 7" Canada.
Pre-order, on the way now - have managed to trade some stuff with the bands vocalist Chris also with Absolut, great guy - grab a copy here -
Nuclear Power Genocide is a new band formed by members of Paranoid and Absolut. Both bands need no introduction since they are/were around long time ago and offered us some great raw tunes. Back in 2015 they released Jawbreaking Mangel Devastation split (2x7" and 12") and toured together in 2016, now they join forces, two members of the now defunct Absolut (Chris on vocal duties and Joel on guitar) and two from Paranoid (Jocke on bass and Emil on drums) formed Nuclear Power Genocide and recorded four tracks for an upcoming 7" titled Devastation of the Future. The recording took much time (between July 2017 & April 2018), mixed by Nayr Tunndra & Joel from Absolut, mastered by Kenko at Communichaos Media Clay Station and sleeve artwork was created by Jacky Crustwar. Wow! and yes its a little monster of kängpunk, this is exactly what these bands could produce together, a raw punk attack at its finest, brutal, fast and relentless and crashing everything that stands on its way. thanx to crust-demos.
1. No Power Regime 02:03
2. In Spit of War
3. Fixated on Mass Destruction 01:47
4. Puppet Master
Nuclear Power Genocide is:
Bass & Drums recorded by Jocke D-Takt at Studio Mangel
Guitars & Vocals recorded by Nayr Tunndra & Joel Militia at Hell's Highest Studio.
Recorded between July 2017 & April 2018
Mixed by Nayr Tunndra & Joel Militia
Mastered by Kenko/Communichaos Media Clay Station May 2018
Sleeve Design: Jacky Crustwar