Thursday, 9 February 2012

Culo/Tenement - Split EP - 7" red splatter vinyl ltd to105

Culo/Tenement - Split EP - 7" ltd coloured vinyl

Tenement – Your Life Or Mine / Tenement – Violent Outlet / Cülo – I Don't Wanna Listen / Cülo – I Don't Wanna Go To Psych Ward B /Cülo – Antisocial Creep /Cülo – Victim Of The Normal Life

Yup,, Culo and Tenement did a split. I am sure diehard fans of either band won't get why these 2 bands did a split but in reality they're kindered spirits. And plus its a pairing of 2 of the midwest's BEST on 1 7'' platter. Tenement do 2 insanely catchy indie flavored but also heavy midwest punk tunes and Culo drops 4 more classic HC punk on your head. Songs on this are exclusive to this split. This is totally not at all a throw away record either just because its a split, so dismiss that misconception now. Comes with a color cover and housed in black dust sleeves for extra fanciness. This is the limited mailorder version comes with an 11x17'' poster of the cover art and sick looking RED/CLEAR blend with Opaque ORANGE 'splatter' wax of 105 which the vinyl alone cost $3.05 a piece for a 3 machine set up,, not done at Pirates Press either so that's why the price for it is a bit higher as well but you get what you pay for here! Think its too expensive, then don't buy it and save the complaints. These are being sold hardly above cost. - NickSick Cowabunga Records.

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