Monday, 1 August 2011

Young Identities - New Trends EP - 7"

"NEW TRENDS" 7" (540)
Another killer Australian punk reissue from 540, this time it's Young Identities' classic 2nd EP. This is absolutely brilliant, classic Aussie punk... if you like the Victims and other Murder Punk this is an absolute necessity. "The Young Identities EP's are standouts among the Savage/Shake releases, especially the New Trends EP. The band's line-up was mixed in with other band Brisbane bands who were, in turn, part of other groups. In other words, a history of the Young Identities is necessarily a history of a few other bands. The history below overlaps and repeats some of what can be found on the Just Urbain page albeit from a different perspective. I can certainly be counted among the "overseas overseers" who became interested in the early Brisbane punk scene several years ago. Without further ado, another history from the younger, snottier contingent of the no-scene Brisbane scene... "

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