Saturday, 21 April 2018

Martyrdod/Neolithic - Split - 7" EP colour wax.

In stock now - colour vinyls picked at random.
Martyrdod has always been one of the highlights of the Swedish d-beat pack, even before they blew the doors off the scene with the masterful "Eldopp" in 2014. Adding that Bathory-indebted sense of melody to the Anti-Cimex base that so many have used to such great effect, Martyrdod stands taller than all but the best of d-beaters, and here "War Of Worlds" is an example of how and why. Five minutes of catchy riffing, punk drumming, raw-throated screams, and melodic guitar leads - what's not to love? Maryland's Neolithic take on filthy death/sludge is well-done,  "Inner Adversary" rides tar-caked guitar tones through a crusty death metal first half, before slowing down to an appropriately sludgy crawl for the back half. It's in that back half that "Inner Adversary" shines most, with a simple and yet very effective riff and some almost blackened croaks from vocalist Evan Harting. Composed of current and former members of Swarm Of The Lotus, Putrisect, Pulling Teeth, and Ruiner.