Saturday, 16 April 2011

Sweet Tooth - Japanese Void EP - 7"

SWEET TOOTH - Japanese Void - 7"
Saved By Hardcore
Therapy Nightmare 
Pig Pen
Small Talk
Dont Come Close To Me
The grand debut from So.IL/St. Louis HC wonder youths Sweet Tooth featuring the brothers Meyer (of the zines 'I Was A Teenage Zombie' & 'Hey Ronnie' respectively). I (like others) raved about the demo & can only say if you enjoyed the demo that this one will knock your socks off. I sound like a used car salesman here! Anyways, its 6 well written short HC songs that are chock full of power. Erik is a great guitarist as his riffs hold a significant bit of importance to their sound and Kevin is a frantic frontman. Comparisons are indeed stupid and I'm guilty as charged, but elements of numerous sources can be culled here- Jellyroll Rockheads, Deep Wound, Siege, VOID, the Futures, Cold Sweat (esp in vocals) etc. Like a lot of stuff done on this label, this is for the cultist nuts for HC. It's never intended this way but I think those heavily involved or obsessed with crazy and intricate HC (like me obviously) will 'get this' the most.

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