Sunday, 28 February 2016

To The Point / Sidetracked Split - 7" dark green vinyl.

To The Point / Sidetracked Split - 7" dark green vinyl.
Limited to 500 copies only - managed to get the last few copies from Deep Six - if you missed out last time they are available here -
Sidetracked is super fast all the way through while To The Point does the same, not a lot different than Is It Safe. Ultra fast No Comment / Crossed Out full throttle powerviolence vs caveman style Lack Of Interest / Neanderthal / Infest worship featuring Chris Dodge on vocals. Is there anything more that is needed to be said?
A1 –To The Point 67. I'm Going To Kick Your Ass In The Afterlife
A2 –To The Point 69. Don't Search For Missing Hikers
A3 –To The Point 70. What A Bargain
A4 –To The Point 64. The Day I Cracked
A5 –To The Point 66. Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life
B1 –Sidetracked (2) Not Me
B2 –Sidetracked (2) Standing Room Only
B3 –Sidetracked (2) Manipulate
B4 –Sidetracked (2) Majority
B5 –Sidetracked (2) Rendered Useless
B6 –Sidetracked (2) Fabrication

Friday, 26 February 2016

BACKSLIDER - Motherfucker - LP / CAPITALIST CASUALTIES-“Live In Nagoya” Japan - LP / Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation – Wallow - LP

BACKSLIDER - Motherfucker - LP.
PRE-ORDER - HERE SOON - very limited stock available - don't sleep on these fuckers -
Encapsulating the last 15 years of extreme musical devastation in one album, BACKSLIDER has drawn on its influences and expanded its doom-laden attack to unleash a hellstorm of massive musical terror - Backslider's brand of weird, dirty powerviolence has been a welcome thorn in the side of the Philadelphia underground music scene since 2009's Skull-Fracturing Fastcore demo. Seven-ish years and a half dozen releases down the line, the trio is finally poised to release its first-ever full-length album (their first release as a trio, thanks to the addition of bassist Jake Smith). Motherfucker comes out January 15 via Six Weeks Records, and man, I'll tell ya, it's a real motherfucker of a recording. 
Powerviolence, grindcore, fastcore, hardcore, skronky grunge, big fat slabs of grimy rock'n'roll—you'll find all that on this groovy, grinding piece of mayhem. There's a serious rock element to many of these songs, which is more than a little uncommon when discussing fastcore or any of its noxious fellows. When the band name-checked Black Sabbath and Nirvana in their initial email to me, I thought it was nonsense... until I pressed Play, and found out exactly what they meant. There's plenty of -core afoot here, too, lest ye imagine for an instant that Backslider's gone soft; the ignorant grooves on "Sex in Prison" and noise rock noodling on "Swollen and Sore" alone make the purchase price worth it, to say nothing of the five other tracks that whip by in a flash on this short, salty beauty of a debut.
00:00 R.Y.S.D.
02:18 Deep In The Glue
04:45 Sex In Prison
06:28 I Talk To Ashes
10:14 Swollen and Sore
13:12 Motherfucker


Fastcore, Power-Violence band CAPITALIST CASUALTIES from California, USA are active since 1987 and never lost their freshness. Hectical sometimes hyperfast crushing music with very pissed off vocals, never boring and over the top, no wonder the members already played in several bands like CHARLES BRONSON, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT ?, PLUTOCRACY, SCHOLASTIC DEATH, SPAZZ, ELEPHANTMAN, .
This cool live recording was done in the legendary Huck Finn, Japan.
Limited edition of only 900 copies on Black vinyl.
A1 Antiquated Decorum 
A2 Bad Habits 
A3 Sarin 
A4 Beggars Can't Be Choosers 
A5 Diamonds And Warheads 
A6 World War Whatever It Was 
A7 Jobs 
A8 Reborn 
A9 Fornicators 
A10 Left A Scar 
A11 Hired Fool 
B1 Holocaust Money 
B2 Overpriced 
B3 Atomic Enemy Commission 
B4 Fashion 
B5 Methamphetamine 
B6 Luxury Soul 
B7 Fuck The Christians 
B8 Drug Culture 
B9 Drainage Ditch 
B10 Irukandji 
B11 Strange Soup 
B12 Greedy Bastards


Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation – Wallow - LP
Superb album from these incredibly talented Japanese ladies play an epileptic convulsion of old school, raw grindcore infested with traditional Japanese hardcore and punk and are no strangers to the outside world, The 4 ladies wailing through menacing blasting and grinding death with touches of traditional Japanese hardcore, complete with blazing fast drumming, relentless guitar work and blood curdling screaming vocals, having played all the premier metal festivals, like Maryland Deathfest, Obscene Extreme in the Czech Republic and Short Fast & Loud Fest. LP limited to 500 copies.
A1 Copy Cat 0:55
A2 Wallow 0:58
A3 Gaze 1:30
A4 What You…… 1:35
A5 Ignorance 1:16
A6 躓き 2:01
A7 Day Dream 1:00
A8 Nightflesh 1:41
B1 Deserve 1:55
B2 殺せ 1:20
B3 虚言 1:48
B4 離せ 1:38
B5 Obstacles 1:12
B6 Transient Blindness 1:36
B7 Fall 1:09
B8 Let's Go!

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Cave State - Manferior - 7" colour vinyl

Cave State - Manferior - 7" colour vinyl
Finally here at last - green/brown marbled vinyl.

Fast power violence that Southern California is known for, . of Spazz and Crossed Out. No frills, just fast hardcore. Limited colour vinyl of 100 available now!
A1 Scarce 
A2 Tyrant 
A3 Manferior 
A4 Troglodyte 
A5 Disfigure Of Speech 
B1 Primitivo 
B2 Satisfy The Butcher 
B3 Humiliate 
B4 Use / Repeat

Friday, 19 February 2016

Decay After Death- System Fucking Bastards EP - 7" white vinyl.

Decay After Death- System Fucking Bastards EP - 7" white vinyl.
Limited to 70 copies only worldwide on Opaque WHITE wax with a Black streak - just how limited is this fucker - up for consumption here - ONE COPY PER CUSTOMER ONLY!!!
Filthy D-beat punk rock noise assault! Hailing from Chicago & featuring members of KRANG. If you've been sleeping on this its time to wake up!
Musically, this record is more PUNK and a little less rockin' then the 1st one but still what I call a 'traditional DxAxDx record'. If I had to make comparisons, I'd say this one where a generic description is still apt- Varukers and Discharge crossed w early Inepsy, GBH, Guns N Roses, Burning Spirits style Japanese HC and Violent Society with slight midwestern flair. 70 copies available on Opaque WHITE wax with a Black streak.
A1 System Fucker / Citizen Spy 
A2 Cog In The Machine 
A3 Welcome To The NWO 
B1 Beat The Boss 
B2 Violent Society 
B3 Painkiller

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Riistetyt - Valaistuneet/Silminnäkijä - 7" ltd /100

Riistetyt - Valaistuneet/Silminnäkijä - 7" ltd /100
Limited to 100 HAND NUMBERED copies only - sold out from label - very limited stock available - indulge here
One new "Killing Joke -style" song and a NollaNollaNolla-cover from this classic long-running Finnish hardcore punk band! Limited to 100 numbered copies. ONE COPY PER CUSTOMER ONLY!!! 
A Valaistuneet 
B Silminnäkijä

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Substandard – Consuming Need..Consuming Greed -7"

Substandard – Consuming Need..Consuming Greed -7"
Long deleted 1999 7" from Inflammable Material – BURN 10 few stock copies from my old shop available at

SUBSTANDARD was a UK Anarcho Punk band from Nottingham and well known for their manic Live performance and outrageous speed in their style of song-writing... A shredding thrash metallic "punk" soundtrack to support a strong punk political message spitted out by pissed off dual vocals... they released two brilliant Demo Tapes, 3 Split 7" EP´s with NERVES, PINK FLAMINGOS and DETESTATION as well as a own 7" EP.
A1 Spreading Like A Virus 
A2 Disarm Or Die 
B1 Kick It 
B2 Consume

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

RUPTURE/BRUTAL TRUTH - split 7" ltd white vinyl + 2 x patches

RUPTURE/BRUTAL TRUTH - split 7" limited to 100 copies worldwide on white vinyl - these first 50 mailorder only with 2 x sew on patches - a classic piece of wax available here
Reissue of the 1996 "KINDBUD" series split from Rhetoric and Deaf American Records.

Brutal Truth was formed by Dan Lilker in 1990. The band split-up in 1998 and reformed in 2006 with a new guitar player. Rupture was a hardcore punk band from Perth, Australia, that formed in the 1980s and were active until around late 2001, when vocalist Gus Chamber died. The original release was released by Brutal Truth's Drummer (Rich Hoak's) label "Deaf American The original record is a highly sought after, and is hard to come by. It's now being re-released by DeepSix Records. Featuring new artwork by Brutal Truth's lead screamer Kevin Sharp! (Deep Six Records #162) Originally released in 1997 just prior to Brutal Truth's initial hiatus, this 7" took one studio song and two live songs from the legendary grind outfit Brutal Truth and six from demented hombres Rupture. Back in print for the first time in over a decade.

1. Brutal Truth - Vision
2. Brutal Truth - I See Red (live)
3. Brutal Truth - Stench Of Prophet (live)
4. Rupture - The Chosen One
5. Rupture - Foot In My Grave
6. Rupture - Eraser Evasor
7. Rupture - Vaticum City
8. Rupture - A Breath Of Cyanide
9. Rupture - The Nihilator

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Guns N' Roses–Sweet Child O' Mine/Welcome To The Jungle/Nightrain-Japan promo only 7"

Guns N' Roses–Sweet Child O' Mine/Welcome To The Jungle-7" Japan promo.
Japan promotional copy only 'not for sale' - Geffen Records –P-2386 - 1988 . - now yer fucking talking, the best rock band EVER - a gem from the Blitzmike vaults here -
A Sweet Child O' Mine
B Welcome To The Jungle

Guns N' Roses – Nightrain - 7" Japan promo.
Japan promotional copy only 'not for sale' with rare insert - Geffen Records – PRS-2069 - 1989. - now yer fucking talking, the best rock band EVER - a gem from the Blitzmike vaults here -
A Nightrain 
B Reckless Life

Friday, 5 February 2016

Sweet Tooth - Blister Music - red flexi 7" EP.

Sweet Tooth - Blister Music - 7" red flexi EP.
Long out of print flexi - long defunct band - from 2012 - One time press limited to 300 only world wide on black vinyl - 100 on red - great packaging for a flexi - few remaining copies here -
During their three or four year existence, St. Louis' Sweet Tooth had one thing on their minds while writing music. Speed. Just about everything else came together after that. Bands like this never last because they're too fast and out of control, but that's what makes them so grand. Sweet Tooth never had the opportunity to fuck up. This shit is solid thrash goodness. And as far as a flexi recording sound goes, this works pretty good and actually sounds good for a flexi. All a matter of opinion of course. If you liked the demo and EP, you'll love this. Comes in a regular cardstock foldover cover and even has an insert,, so its treated like a regular release and not just a flexi in a polybag. This is a 1 time press of 400 & not small pressed as a gimmick/collector thing, just seemed right to not overdo it.
A1 Fuckhead 
A2 Upside Down 
A3 Smegs 
A4 Weekend Punk 
A5 I Am Blister