Sunday, 28 August 2016

Raptus Di Follia - No Luck - 7" EP.

Raptus Di Follia - No Luck - 7" EP.
I just love this, but what the fuck do I know - as with the last 7" ers I only have 10 copies so grab it here
500x black Vinyl + Inlay + Downloadcode.
Raptus di Follia from Bern stand for angry, aggressive hardcore / punk. The pieces are rather short, each with two or three minutes, but they have it in them. Oldschool meets modernity, tune on aggression, with so much power, since there are not many breathers. Sure, the wheel is not reinvented, but as long as it, also in the punk / hardcore scene, people are for racism, homophobia , sexism or blind zeal legitimate, everyday or just fun are need it the bands contrast stance with simple words and clear statements.
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The Swiss hardcore punks from Raptus Di Follia place after their self-titled tape from the year 2015 with a new EP called No Luck after and prove that street punk is far from extinct. No Luck contains six new Raptus Di Follia songs that sound-wise first once to seamlessly continue the predecessor. That is uncompromising carried forward punk rock in faster and harder pace. Small but fine contrast to the already good predecessor is that the production of the tracks by a multiple mature and qualitative than that of the predecessor. You can hear every single instrument out punchy and the songs are neatly blended & mastered. Here Raptus The Follia atone still nothing of its aggressiveness and its punk Attitute. Very cool! Raptus Di Follia gradually molt one of the top hardcore punk acts in Europe. Stark put forward plate! For fans of The Virus and older The Casualties and Black Flag releases!
A1 Explode 2:13
A2 Insomnia 1:37
A3 Out of School 1:35
B1 Kiss 1:35
B2 No Luck 1:41
B3 Salvation 1:50