Thursday, 20 June 2019

Larma - S/T - 12" Sweden.

Larma - S/T - 12" Sweden.
Superb 12", my favourite so far this year by miles - great band, great vocals from my good friend Love Halling - have a punt here
Sweden’s Larma might be a new band but just knowing their pedigree is a clear indication of the spicy Swedish meatball of hardcore fury they are bringing to the party. Featuring former members of such powerhouses as Skitkids, Stress SS, Infernöh, Arsle, and Herätys they tear through 11 tracks of high octane and absolutely blistering Swedish hardcore. But this isn’t all-go-no-slow paddle thrash—instead they’ve taken the lessons that Totalitär set out before us to heart. While this does rip and rage it never goes full bore into a mindless whirlwind of hammer to face battering territory but injects a constant feel of catchiness and hooks. Occasionally, they downshift into these absolutely brutal, skull stomping, Oi!-styled breakdowns. - No Echo.
A1 Elitens Eskapism
A2 Mänsklighetens Mästare
A3 Lyckad Och Upplyst
A4 Avståndets Psykologi
A5 Ni Kan Se Mig
B1 Konkurrens Är Livet
B2 Samma Pack
B3 Matad Med Vor Frihet
B4 Satsa På Dig Själv
B5 Det Du Inte Ska Se
B6 Lögner Och Konfetti

DEFORMATION - S/T - 12" Denmark.

Raw punk from Copenhagen - Raw pummeling K-Town sledgehammer hardcore punk. Mastered at Noise Room.
A1 Intro 
A2 Drone 
A3 Mindcontrol
A4 From The Ruins
A5 Lifetime
A6 Society's Scapegoat
A7 Slow Ambulance
B1 Elite
B2 Anxiety
B3 Arm's Way
B4 Nuclear
B5 Stress
B6 Waste

Desperdicio ‎– ¡Más Destrucción! - 7" EP Japan.

Desperdicio ‎– ¡Más Destrucción! - 7" EP Japan.
Long deleted 7" from 2016, comes in four different colour sleeves - not sure which colour I will get -
Spanish D-beat raw punk band from Sendai, Miyagi, Japan.
A1 Continuar Una Resitensia 
A2 Fracaso Y Esperanza 
B1 La Resultado
B2 Peligro Sitio