Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Culo - My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down EP - 7" - first press

from my mates (is he a mate or not, I've forgotten) label
CBR-55 CULO- My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down EP
Limited to 398 on clear red vinyl and a very limited 90 only on black vinyl
The big reason I pressed this on wax is because the 2nd demo was the 1st release done by the band I was actually into, plus its always held a place in my heart okay? The 1st demo showed some promise but left much to be desired and although Nuke Abuse was a good debut EP, I still always came back to this recording for listening of the pre-Deranged yrs. The 2nd demo filled in all the gaps for me to the 1st demo. Song writing got better, its still rough and also VERY fast and retains the punk edge. A lot of this reminds me of a scrappy but midwestern version of Negative FX. Sure the 'MY LIFE SUCKS' LP is their finest effort (you're kidding yourself to disagree) but this shows the band in the early stages and what I felt is the 1st true example of what Cülo can offer. OKAY-this comes on either Black or transparent RED wax, but BLACK is the limited version for this record and 90 were made on Black - Sick Nick - Cowabunga Records.

Tenement - Sick Nick Club Vol 3 - 7''

from my mates (is he a mate or not, I've forgotten) label
Here's the 3rd volume of the Sick Club series which is by none other then the 3 wonder boys of Wisconsin, TENEMENT. 2 brand new tracks exclusive to this 7'' single- A side written by Jesse and the B side written by Amos. A side is a more traditional 1-2 foot tapping, catchy as hell Tenement standard where the B side is a very off kilter, poppy alt rock sort of track. Its totally a Tenement song, but its also a 1st for them in this style too. 1 time press of 500, housed in a hand assembled, full color glue pocket cover to boot! - Sick Nick Cowabunga Records.

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The Repos - Sick Nick Club Vol 4 - 7''

from my mates (is he a mate or not, I've forgotten) label
The 4th volume of the Sick Club series is filled by Chicago's own local legends THE REPOS. I feel by now I don't need to explain who this band is and what they sound like so know I am not going to. If you know and follow even just decent HC at all in the last so many years, you'd at least just know who this band is. After breaking up in 2008, but re-emerging in late 2010 as a new band called THE ROPES, the band quietly released some demos and a 7'' upon the world. Come sometime in later 2012, the band name 'THE ROPES' was already taken by some crap band from Rhode Island who of course threatened legal action since they couldn't cut it themselves and were too ego struck to let it be taken, so the guys went back to using the old REPOS moniker once more. These are 2, brand new EXCLUSIVE tracks on this Sick Club 7'' aka 'Armed and Using' and 'Hole In the Hill', and like the others in the series a 1 time press of 500 copies with no repress, records are nestled in a hand assembled glue pocket cover too designed by Chicago art stalwart Ryan Lowry - Sick Nick Cowabunga Records.

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Sick/Tired - King Of Dirt - LP

from my mates (is he a mate or not, I've forgotten) label
Atomic orange vinyl limited to 75 only worldwide
The LP finally sees the light of day. After messed up test presses to start off with and then a long awaited 2nd set to arrive, the record def had its share of problems (not by the bands end nor mine). This also is the debut record of new vocalist Adam Jennings, whom you may know best from Winters In Osaka. Adam's brutal vocals devestate on this more lo fi but still shining recording and the fact that Robert quit the band which at the time was a downer, was almost a 'godsend' seeing they got Adam to replace him and not slow down a thing. I mean, you can't hear it but his presence breathed new life into this band and seeing them live and thus more lively in that setting is awesome. Still playing tight and well executed fast grindcore with 80's thrash, doom, death metal and punk elements interwoven into the mix. Yet with all the posi print they get despite being a hard working band they're still so underrated, maybe due to the fact they're hindered due to work not allowing em' to tour a whole lot. It'd be nice to see that change with the release of this LP, which is without a doubt the best release these guys have to date easily and to be so bold one of the best grind albums of 2013. Most copies will also come with a bonus poster insert made by Kirk and Adam. The 1st 75 for mailorder are on custom 'ATOMIC ORANGE' wax (a nod to my close friend Adam Inverted of this band, think Miami Dolphins orange) - Nick Sick Cowabunga Records.

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Technicolor Teeth - Sage EP - 7"

from my mates (is he a mate or not, I've forgotten) label
I knew my boy Amos had drummed in bands such as Paul Collins Beat and Chinese Telephones to name but a few. Then apart from his freakishly godlike guitar skills he showcases in his certain 3 piece band by the name of Tenement, that he remains more of a drummer. But I also knew about a band he drummed in called Harlequin Kid that his local Appleton friend Zacc Baehman was also in with him. They had released a demo/EP tape sometime in 2009 on their 'house label' and I want to say broke up in 2010. Then along came Technicolor Teeth-which was both Amos and Zacc again but also now with their friend Matt instead of Justin who was in HK. I am not certain if this is a continuation of Harlequin Kid, but I got the feeling it is unofficially. Well, TT released a tape only album 'Teenage Pagans' in 2012 (may or may not see its vinyl treatment via Houseplant in 2013?) on Lets Pretend based out of Bloomington, Indiana (and home to Paul Mahern!). I had seen the band in 2011 at a Bored Straight/Leather show and fell in love there, but it wasn't until I obtained the cassette album that I had asked to do a record then knowing these guys had done something of a release. These 3 Wisconsin lads play a great shoegaze/DIY indie rock hybrid but its also very catchy, not just mired in 'dreamy' territory like most bands of the genre and thankfully done very PUNK. I mean, you can probably gather something what they sound like just from those explanatory words I imagine so I'll leave that there. Each 1 of the 3 members wrote a song here on this 3 song EP too, where each has a different feel to it which makes it so much better. One of my personal favorite records I have had the honor of releasing, if that says anything. Marble PEACH for the 1st 75 mailorders -Sick Nick Cowabunga Records.

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Decay After Death - System Fucking Bastards EP - 7"

The newest output from this Hammond,Indiana anarchist HC punk band. Took a little while to come out for reasons I don't fully understand (apart from a 1st set of rejected & destroyed test presses that then delayed a new set for a month) but the delays are finally over and their newest record will now see the light of day. The 1st EP was amazing but the look about it turned a lot of people off, so I can only hope the cover for my record which isn't pixelated will dispell any negativity (which should have been minor at best) people had about the band prior. Musically, this record is more PUNK and a little less rockin' then the 1st one but still what I call a 'traditional DxAxDx record'. If I had to make comparisons, I'd say this one where a generic description is still apt- Varukers and Discharge crossed w early Inepsy, GBH, Guns N Roses, Burning Spirits style Japanese HC and Violent Society with slight midwestern flair. 70 copies available on Opaque WHITE wax with a Black streak - Nick Sick Cowabunga Records.

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Monday, 18 March 2013

Institution - Världens Ändstation - 7" blue vinyl

BLUE vinyl limited to 300 copies only
 First INSTITUTION live gig this weekend in Gothenburg!!!
The band that did one of the three best records of 2012 - I shouldn't have to go on about how much you need this. Quality all the way! Members of Totalitär, Meanwhile and Herätys doing what they do best!
"Do you know what you get when you put people who's been in bands such as Totalitär, Meanwhile and Herätys in the same studio for a while? One of the best records of the last 12 months! Maybe even one of the best to ever come out of Sweden!? Maybe even the world!? Ok, I'm getting a bit too excited here - but that's how fucking good this is. Anyone who misses any, or all, of those bands listed earlier needs this - many thanx to 'Not Enough'
A1 Falsk Trygghet
A2 Stick Iväg
B1 Vansinne
B2 Berusa Bort

Parasit – Välj Din Egen Bödel - 12"

Limited to 400 copies only worldwide on brown vinyl

Try it out

PARASIT from Sweden was formed in the winter 2010/2011 by the ex members of UNCURBED: Michael, Johan and Kenneth. Later Rikard Olsson joined on bass and Pjär Karlman on vocals. After some rehearsals also Simon Frid joined on vocals and we were complete!
The plan was to record an album already in the fall of 2011 but it was not possible because of other bands and duties... Finally a full-length album was recorded in Studio Underjord, Stockholm 11-13 May 2012 with Joona. The full-length "Välj Din Egen Bödel" will be released in early 2013 by D-Takt & Råpunk Records(Swe) on LP! The CD will be released by Totalpunk Records(Rus) also early 2013. It will also be released on MC (Cassette) by Nuclear Terror Victims(Swe) as well.
In the end of 2012 our longtime axeman Kenneth Wiklund decided to leave the band because of undefined problems with his hands/fingers. Too bad that he have to quit but we hope he will get recovered very soon! So now Rikard have replaced Kenneth on guitar and the new bassplayer is Daniel Sandelin (Jailbreak Academy, ex Crossing Chaos etc.).

Dispose - Horror Revival - 12"

Limited edition to 350 copies pressed on yellow vinyl.

Sweden's main dis-noise råpunk band unleash this 8 track 12" after a bunch of CD-R releases, split 7"s and a split LP with Kranium - great stuff as expected. Raw as fuck.

A1 Megaton Explosion
A2 Diabolic Slaughter
A3 Horror Revival
A4 The Depths Of Hell
B1 Whirlwind Of Chaos
B2 Nuclear Nightmare
B3 Cruelites Of War
B4 The Hour Of Doom ...

Deathraid / Desperat ‎– Split 12"

500 pressed on 180 gram black vinyl. Gatefold sleeve and insert with English translations of Desperat lyrics.
This one, I know took forever to come to light, but its a FUCKING GEM and well worth the wait.  Both bands are at the top of their form.  DESPERAT were the first side I threw on and all I could think was, its really amazing that there are some guys out there that can just keep on coming up with catchy and straightforward guitar riffs that don’t sound generic, year after year and it seems that Ake from DESPERAT is just one of those guys.  Look back thru the mass of songs that he has cranked out over the years.  I might even like this better than the MOB 47 of his past(which is really saying something).  Raw and simple, just like you’d expect.  DESPERAT have proved again that they are in a class above most.  Catchy guitars carry forward alot of the speed of DESPERAT but Chrille (also an alum of MOB 47) lays down the pulse with cracking precision on the drums.  With Jocke from WARVICTIMS barking out lyrics about the close-mindedness of some punk scenes, the rich and privileged, and facing a modern world that may be beyond any hope.  And it all comes across as urgent and passionate as ever.  Maybe even more so, because they aren’t simply frustrated teenagers anymore.  They even have a song about this; the moment where you realize that you have become an adult with responsibilities that would have made you “boring” when you were a kid, and the fact that you gotta make extra effort as you get older not to align yourself to the systems of the modern world.  I also like the fact that the gatefold cover has the lyrics in Swedish, but with a little rant in English about the song and what it is all about.  DESPERAT may be some older dudes but they are still kickin ass and taking names.KILLER.    DEATHRAID kicks off the other side right were they left off after the “All Life Ends” LP from a few years back, which was a record that I would champion to anyone that would listen to me.  These songs were recorded back in 2010 not too long after that release and perfectly carries on.  All the tracks are so intense and powerful that I can’t stop listening!  The bass is so thundering and violent, the guitars so tight, the drums so furious!   Pick up the needle and start over.  Repeat.  Repeat….  DEATHRAID is the absolute best of HC punk today but with more confidence and swagger which only adds to its power.  To top it all off, Jay’s vocals are total savagery and it never sounded sweeter.  In a gatefold cover with a killer painting from Halsey gracing the cover.  World Funeral has yet another masterpiece on his hands here.   Find a copy today.  A++ (Val) - thanx for the superb write up from 

A1 Deathraid – Hung Up
A2 Deathraid – Lair Of The Creep
A3 Deathraid – Ghouls
A4 Deathraid – Enough To Make You Sick
A5 Deathraid – Taken For Granted
A6 Deathraid – Gone The Way Of All Flesh
A7 Deathraid – The Crush
B1 Desperat – Garanterat Mangel
B2 Desperat – Åsiktspolisen
B3 Desperat – När Vuxenvärlden Knackar På
B4 Desperat – Med En Axelryckning
B5 Desperat – Pappa Betalar
B6 Desperat – Vart Fan Gick Det Fel?
B7 Desperat – Måtte Djävulen Ta Er!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Kaaos - Totaalinen Kaaos - 7" blue vinyl

Gatefold jacket, booklet, strictly limited 300 copies worldwide on blue vinyl.
'Totaalinen kaaos' is a genre-defining classic and one of the best known Finnish hardcore punk items. Originally released in 1982 on Propaganda Records, it has not been available in its original form for a few decades now. The Svart version comes in a gatefold jacket and features the rare original booklet in its entirety. Available on black and limited blue vinyl.
A1. Mellakka
A2. Natsit ja kommunistit
A3. Ootsä valmis kuolemaan?
A4. Sekasortoa
A5. Todellisuus
B1. Ei enää koskaan
B2. Sotatila
B3. Hyvinvoinnin toinen puoli
B4. Uskonsota

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Propaganda EP - 7"

Black vinyl, limited to 500.

Propaganda EP is an odd compilation of early Finnish punk and new wave. Released in 1981, it was one of the earliest items on the Propaganda label and also one of the rarest. Most memorable for rare performances by cult bands 013 and Nato (with Nolla Nolla Nolla singer Jore on drums), the EP also features relatively unknown acts like Aapeli Kissala and Elastic Boredom. The Svart reissue is limited to 500 and comes in a folder cover featuring background info on the bands by Mr Propaganda himself, Heikki Vilenius.
A1. OPIUM: Syylliset
A2. NATO: Ei sun tartte ajatella
A3. 013: Eteen (1981 version) 2:40
B1. Aapeli KISSALA Ja ANTIPATIA: Lasten hautausmaa (1981 version)
B2. ELASTIC BOREDOM: Metabolla otsaan

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Widows - Fun - LP

Gatefold jacket, black vinyl. Limited to 500.

One of the first English language punk rock bands in Finland, Widows put out a few 7 inches before recording their first and last album 'Fun?' on Poko Records in 1980. Side A features studio material while the flipside has new songs performed live in Helsinki 1980. The Svart reissue features the original layout expanded to gatefold and featuring rare photos and news clippings.
A punk band from Helsinki, Finland. Widows was founded in 1975 and released their first single in 1979. The band was one of the few Finnish punk bands with English lyrics. They released their only album in 1980 and split up soon after.
Lineup on their first single in 1979:
Jacky Ix (vocals) Kelloggs Bollocks (guitar) Johnny Widow (guitar) T.B. Widow (bass) Rocky Ramone (drums)

Side A (Studio)
A1 Wanna Be Your Friend
A2 The Famous Five
A3 Stained Happiness
A4 Operate Of Murder
A5 Shit Tragedy
A6 Tastes Are Different
A7 Something New
A8 Now Peace Is A Lie
Side B (Live)
B1 Intro / Fun?
B2 For The Freedom
B3 We Are Coming
B4 Hard To Be Down
B5 Brotherhood Of Black
B6 Michell
B7 Never Fuck A Russian Girl
B8 Cartoon Rock
B9 What You Want
B10 Anarchy In The U.K.

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Thursday, 7 March 2013

YACÖPSAE - Krank ist normal... RELOADED - 7"

For their 21th anniversary YACÖPSAE recorded their debut 7" "Krank ist normal" from 1994 again! New recordings made in 2010, done in the 3 man line up. A usual brutal wall of sound and the merciless in their work give this old 21 songs a new shine!!!

Limited to 100 only worldwide on red marbled vinyl

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The Rot Box - 3 x split 7" boxset

"THE ROT BOX" - 3 x Split 7inch boxset with:
Black on brown recycled "SHELLAC" nerd edition - 165 copies / only worldwide - hand numbered in silver ink
with guest vocals from John / WEEKEND NACHOS
on the CROWSKIN track: "Recycle Dich Selbst"
complete Boxset with 3 x 7inch Split Records between:
BIZARRE X / CORROSIVE - Split 7inch #1
YACÖPSAE / TO THE POINT - Split 7inch#2
CROWSKIN / SCHMAND - Split 7inch #3
comes with 12 page booklet
3 different Cover versions of the Boxset, all are silkprinted and have a cut-out:
165 copies: brown recycled cover "SHELLAC Nerd" edition
100 copies: gold on black edition
250 copies: silver on black edition

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