Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Repos - Sick Nick Club Vol 4 - 7''

from my mates (is he a mate or not, I've forgotten) label
The 4th volume of the Sick Club series is filled by Chicago's own local legends THE REPOS. I feel by now I don't need to explain who this band is and what they sound like so know I am not going to. If you know and follow even just decent HC at all in the last so many years, you'd at least just know who this band is. After breaking up in 2008, but re-emerging in late 2010 as a new band called THE ROPES, the band quietly released some demos and a 7'' upon the world. Come sometime in later 2012, the band name 'THE ROPES' was already taken by some crap band from Rhode Island who of course threatened legal action since they couldn't cut it themselves and were too ego struck to let it be taken, so the guys went back to using the old REPOS moniker once more. These are 2, brand new EXCLUSIVE tracks on this Sick Club 7'' aka 'Armed and Using' and 'Hole In the Hill', and like the others in the series a 1 time press of 500 copies with no repress, records are nestled in a hand assembled glue pocket cover too designed by Chicago art stalwart Ryan Lowry - Sick Nick Cowabunga Records.

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