Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Technicolor Teeth - Sage EP - 7"

from my mates (is he a mate or not, I've forgotten) label
I knew my boy Amos had drummed in bands such as Paul Collins Beat and Chinese Telephones to name but a few. Then apart from his freakishly godlike guitar skills he showcases in his certain 3 piece band by the name of Tenement, that he remains more of a drummer. But I also knew about a band he drummed in called Harlequin Kid that his local Appleton friend Zacc Baehman was also in with him. They had released a demo/EP tape sometime in 2009 on their 'house label' and I want to say broke up in 2010. Then along came Technicolor Teeth-which was both Amos and Zacc again but also now with their friend Matt instead of Justin who was in HK. I am not certain if this is a continuation of Harlequin Kid, but I got the feeling it is unofficially. Well, TT released a tape only album 'Teenage Pagans' in 2012 (may or may not see its vinyl treatment via Houseplant in 2013?) on Lets Pretend based out of Bloomington, Indiana (and home to Paul Mahern!). I had seen the band in 2011 at a Bored Straight/Leather show and fell in love there, but it wasn't until I obtained the cassette album that I had asked to do a record then knowing these guys had done something of a release. These 3 Wisconsin lads play a great shoegaze/DIY indie rock hybrid but its also very catchy, not just mired in 'dreamy' territory like most bands of the genre and thankfully done very PUNK. I mean, you can probably gather something what they sound like just from those explanatory words I imagine so I'll leave that there. Each 1 of the 3 members wrote a song here on this 3 song EP too, where each has a different feel to it which makes it so much better. One of my personal favorite records I have had the honor of releasing, if that says anything. Marble PEACH for the 1st 75 mailorders -Sick Nick Cowabunga Records.

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