Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Culo - My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down EP - 7" - first press

from my mates (is he a mate or not, I've forgotten) label
CBR-55 CULO- My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down EP
Limited to 398 on clear red vinyl and a very limited 90 only on black vinyl
The big reason I pressed this on wax is because the 2nd demo was the 1st release done by the band I was actually into, plus its always held a place in my heart okay? The 1st demo showed some promise but left much to be desired and although Nuke Abuse was a good debut EP, I still always came back to this recording for listening of the pre-Deranged yrs. The 2nd demo filled in all the gaps for me to the 1st demo. Song writing got better, its still rough and also VERY fast and retains the punk edge. A lot of this reminds me of a scrappy but midwestern version of Negative FX. Sure the 'MY LIFE SUCKS' LP is their finest effort (you're kidding yourself to disagree) but this shows the band in the early stages and what I felt is the 1st true example of what Cülo can offer. OKAY-this comes on either Black or transparent RED wax, but BLACK is the limited version for this record and 90 were made on Black - Sick Nick - Cowabunga Records.

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