Wednesday, 26 November 2014

偏執症者(Paranoid)-Destroy Future Less System 5 Track E.P.

Long sold out limited to 100 copies on black vinyl with different cover and sticker.

Northern Winds of Brutal Hell Mangel - Total D-beat hardcore from Sweden on the superb label KONTON CRASHER .

A1 Just When I Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse The Circle Of Failure Have Found Me Again
A2 What Have I Done To Deserve All This Hell?
A3 I'm Caught In A Shitstorm And There's No Way Out
B1 Corruption And Greed
B2 Your Thirst For Profit Can Never Be Quenched / Screams Of The Tortured Is The Price Of Your Silence

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Punk/Hardcore cassette tapes

Punk/Hardcore cassette tapes - superb product all £2.99 each available at 

Eel/Tom And Bootboys/Scumraid/Pissbath/Nuclear Devastation/Hard Charger/Paranoid/Nerveskade/Process/Lebenden Toten/Zex/Primitive Pact/Nomad/Aspects Of War/Swordwielder//Brutal/Bog People/Rotten(UK)/Electric Funeral/Bombsplinter/Funeral Parade.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

IRRITATION - Socialrealismen - 7" limited edition /50

limited mailorder edition with special extra hand numbered red/yellow/blue cover and button with Irritation logo - limited to 50 copies only.

Brand new four song seven inch from swedish crust core blood IRRITATION (with Passiv Dödshjälp, Asylium, Kronisk Misantropi members). Mixed and mastered by Kenko in Communichaos Media (Krigshot, Meanwhile, No Security, Dischange ..). Great crust core like Skitsystem / Wolfbrigade. Sweden attacks again!



Wednesday, 12 November 2014

To The Point ‎– Give Me A Reason - 7" White Label Test Press

To The Point ‎– Give Me A Reason - single sided 7", white label test pressing of new single. limited to 100 copies, hand numbered

Heavy stock screen printed chipboard cover with lyric insert available at shows only limited to 100 hand numbered copies - there was no wholesale on these.

A1 44. 2 Year Old Criminals
A2 30. Elitist
A3 52. Not Your Crutch
A4 48. I Live In Analog
A5 51. All Of Your Co-Workers Are Douche Bags
A6 42. Is It Safe?

Available at    

Monday, 10 November 2014

EEL - Endless Fucker - cassette tape

EEL - Endless Fucker cassette

Cassette reissue edition of Pittsburgh noise junkies EEL, stuff from same 7" (Even Worse Recs) and 12" (Konton Crasher)!

9 songs in the best tradition of UK noise punks like Disorder and Wankys and Japanese loud assault like Gloom and Confuse!!!! One of the best US raw punk band of nowadays!

Tom And Boot Boys - Kill Your Boss - cassette tape

Tom and Boot Boys - Kill your Boss tape - 
Japanese pogo punk legend! Including 2demo songs plus 3 songs from 7inch.

Scumraid - Out Of Order - cassette tape


Distorted raw punk madness straight outta Seoul, South Korea - pulsating crust hardcore punk similar to Gloom / Disclose - great follow up to their sold out demo cassette.

Tsar-Bomba 01:04
Killing Without Weapon 00:59
Propaganda 01:10
슬픔 (Sadness) 01:12
Scar 01:03
중독 (Addiction) 01:25
Out of Order 03:04

Pissbath - Can't Stop Noize !! - cassette tape

Pissbath - Can't Stop Noize !!, tape
d-beat/noise punk/female vocals, Nashville/Tennessee/USA

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Negative Insight #2 - Bristol Breakout

Superb mag from my good friend Eric is available here
The second issue of the mag Negative Insight is out now. Here's the description:

Here is the second issue of Negative Insight, entitled the "Bristol Breakout" issue. With a focus on the deafening noise of the Bristol punk scene in the 1980s, it contains comprehensive interviews with Chaos UK, Disorder, and Riot City Records founder Simon Edwards. The issue features many previously unpublished photos from the personal archives of band members and others involved in the scene, a large four panel fold out poster, articles, and more. It comes accompanied by a Chaos UK 7" containing two rare studio tracks recorded in 1981 and 1983 and packaged in a Riot City inspired sleeve. This issue is printed as a professional magazine on coated paper instead of the previous zine style, but with all layouts done in the traditional cut 'n paste format with typewriter text. This should appeal to fans of British hardcore, 1980s layouts, and those who enjoy reading about drug abuse and living the chaos.

Complete info and photos can be viewed here: