Friday, 20 May 2016

Absolut/偏執症者 Paranoid - Jawbreaking Mangel Devastation 2xEP.

Absolut/偏執症者 (Paranoid)-Jawbreaking Mangel Devastation 2xEP. - Great package - now deleted - last few copies at a great price - available here for £5.99…/abs … id-jawbre…
D-beat / noise / punk release of the year! Great mixing/mastering by Kenko at Communichaos of 偏執症者(Paranoid) side, and brilliant art by Sugi! 
European version of split with two top d-beat / crust bands. Absolut from Canada, raw noise / d-beat punk heavily influenced by Japan noise punk school like Confuse / Framtid. After their two full albums they are here with this piece of wax. Dis dis dis punk! Second seveninch is occupied by swedish monsters Paranoid. If you like Framtid / Disclose you can´t miss the target. With current and ex-members from bands like Warvictims, Desperat or Brottskod 11. Issued in luxury double EP gatefold packaging with awesome Sugi´s artwork! Take it or leave it.
A1 –Absolut Crisis 
A2 –Absolut Peace System 
B1 –Absolut Mental Problem 
B2 –Absolut Wage Of Fear 
C1 –Paranoid Owarinaki Yoru 
C2 –Paranoid Muteikou 
D1 –Paranoid Han-Dejitaru Kakumei 
D2 –Paranoid Kudakareta Seishin