Thursday, 26 May 2016

B-Lines – S/T - LP.

B-Lines – S/T - LP.
Long deleted LP, long defunct band - great stuff at a great price - - released March 11, 2011 - 500 pressed on black vinyl. Comes with insert zine - available here
The B-Lines are a Vancouver punk rock band that plays a raw and uncomplicated brand of punk that reminds one of punk bands of yesteryear. With a tight sound and charismatic lead singer, who jumps, yelps, and fits around the stage, they are a joy to watch live. Their songs, many of which pay homage to their hometown of Vancouver, are short, direct, and expressive, and often leave you wanting more. Having played together for several years now, the B-Lines have increasingly become a band that has taken itself more seriously and as a result has gained a solid following among many local punk fans and much more attention in general.
Hastings Strut
Wealthy Barber
It Rains
Psychedelic High School
In The Red
World War Four

九狼吽 Clown - Human in Confusion - LP .

九狼吽 Clown - Human in Confusion - LP .
Last few copies at wholesale price - available here ----
Superb package Heavy vinyl, gatefold, printed inner sleeve, Sugi artwork - limited to 500 copies only.
"Nagoya city, one of the cities which raised up Japanese Hardcore to a world-class level, has 九狼吽(CLOWN) in its core. They play aggressively, and it’s not too much to say that they represent Japanese Driving Hardcore Punk at it's best. And this is their newest record. Nagoya City is probably more well known in recent years for D-Clone but there's bands flying under the radar such as the almighty Clown who play tough-as-nails metallic hardcore - real bad ass stuff.
Clown is pissed off to the fuckin' max, bad ass hooks left right and loud, drive fast and bang your head.
1 ドロ沼
2 ヒトモドキ
3 我慢の果てに死ぬ
4 Invader
5 Trouble Call
6 Lost
7 052
8 Unfare Equality
9 蘇りの風