Friday, 13 May 2016

Cripple Bastards – Variante Alla Morte - CD.

Cripple Bastards – Variante Alla Morte - CD.
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Influenced by hardcore/grindcore bands such as Napalm Death, Cripple Bastards first formed back in 1988. The Italian band was originally created in Asti (Italy) by Giulio 'the Bastard' (drums) and Alberto (guitars, vocals) (13 and 16 years old respectively) as some punk project named Grimcorpses. The band eventually decided to alter their style, change name and adopt a musical direction similar to popular noisecore bands of the time, such as Anal Cunt.
The group first released their first official demo which was released on a three-way split with Dissonance (hardcore/grind) and K.S.G. (dark ambient) and have had, since then, an increasing fanbase. The band has now released various albums, has appeared on over a dozen compilations and has released split EPs with bands such as Violent Headache, Psychotic Noise and Carcass Grinder.
The band's latest efforts, "Il Grande Silenzio", "Misantropo a Senso Unico" and "Almost Human" have confirmed the group's position as one of the most central noisecore grind acts around.
1 Faccia Da Contenitore 0:04
2 Variante Alla Morte 1:37
3 Pedinati 0:25
4 Allergie Da Contatto 2:25
5 Insofferenza 0:28
6 Lo Sfregio E Le Sue Ombre 2:28
7 Inverno Nel Ghetto 0:06
8 Spirito Di Ritorsione 2:42
9 L'Uomo Dietro Al Vetro Opaco 0:53
10 Sorriso Decubitale 0:17
11 Stimolo Chimico 0:04
12 Cedimento Strutturale 0:05
13 Sangue Chiama 3:17
14 Implacabile Verso Il Buio 0:36
15 Stupro E Addio 3:20
16 Confessionale In Bianco E Nero 0:04
17 Marchio Catastale 0:44
18 Gli Anni Che Non Ritornano 1:02
19 Karma Del Riscatto 2:00
20 Regredito A Che Punto 0:04
21 Falsificato Ideale 0:05
22 Sottoposti A Taglio 0:39
23 Conquista Dell'Isolamento 2:34
24 Auto-Azzeramento

Looking For An Answer - Split The Suffering, Split The Pain – CD.

Looking For An Answer - Split The Suffering, Split The Pain – CD.
£1.99 at Uncle Mikes distro
This CD is the official U.S. release on Deep Six Records. This release features all the tracks on their split releases from 2001-2004 and some unreleased tracks as well, 34 tracks of brutal grindcore/speedcore at it's finest. Tracks 1 to 5: Taken from split EP w/Catheter; Tracks 6 to 12: Taken from split EP w/Zanussi; Tracks 13 to 18: Taken from split EP w/Comrades; Tracks 19 to 23: Taken from split EP w/Overpowering; Tracks 24 to 30: Taken from split LP w/Ira et Decessus; Tracks 31 to 34: To be part of tribute albums that never were released!
Looking For An Answer is a Grindcore / Mincecore band from Madrid, Spain. They were formed in 1999. The band started as a side project of guitarist Felix. Later on vocalist Iñaki, and bassist Ramón were added. The band recorded, and played live with a drum machine until the arrival of drummer Moya. The band has lots of oldschool Death Metal, and Grindcore influences, as well as lots of Crust Punk, and Hardcore Punk influences in their music. Looking For An Answer often writes about animal liberation/animal rights, social issues, and human misery. Some of the former/current members of the band are also in the following bands: Machetazo, Justice Department, and Dishammer. The band is currently active, and recently signed to Relapse Records.
Track Listing:
1.Dudar de la Existencia 2.Simplemente Escoria Humana 3.Los Olivdados 4.Miserable Realidad 5.Vendidos a su Suerte 6.El Significado del Odio 7.Realidad Educativa 8.Una Mentira Llamada Dios 9.El Circulo Vicioso de la Incoherencia 10.Bienestarismo Especista 11.Su Opio 12.La Estentica del Terror 13.Eutanasia 14.Conocimento Implica Responsabilidad 15.Genocidio Multinacional 16.Cadaveres De Libertad 17.Realidades de su Guerra 18.Nuestra Postura 19.Curacion Contra Lucro 20.Consumo Genera Explotacion 21.Invasion 22.Verdadero Enemigo 23.Voluntaria Ignorancia 24.El Recuerdo 25.Cruel Rutina 26.Parasito Humano 27.Vuestra Libertad 28.La Vida Profesional 29.Cinismo Colateral 30.Fear of Napalm (Terrorizer Cover) 31.No es Justo/Son Complices (Denak Cover) 32.The Missing Link (Napalm Death Cover) 33.Prison Without Walls (Napalm Death Cover) 34.Alianza Educativa Para una Raza de Esclavos (Ruido de Rabia).