Monday, 3 September 2012

Nolla Nolla Nolla: Oodeja simasuille 7" limited white vinyl

An authorised reissue of the band's first release from 1981. Features the original cover layout fitted on a gatefold jacket, plus a booklet with liner notes from the band - limited to 300 on white vinyl.
Perhaps best known as the first real band of Jore Vastelin, of Musta Paraati fame, Nolla Nolla Nolla (also known as 000) produced only an EP and an album during their two short bursts of activity. Having broken up in 1982 after the EP "Oodeja simasuille", they reformed briefly in 1984 to record an album. Their original blend of classic punk rock and Killing Joke -style post punk was not a popular concoction at that time, and it is only in later years that their legacy has grown into a cult.

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