Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Sick/Tired-Sea Of Shit - split LP purple vinyl.

Sick/Tired-Sea Of Shit - split LP purple vinyl.
 very limited stock on purple vinyl - available at  - https://blitzrecords.bigcartel.com
Sick/Tired split with Sea of Shit North Coast grindcore/powerviolence onslaught. "Chicago lowlifes team up on this one to release their strongest, most pulverizing, bitter cold material to date." Mailorder copies available on purple (first press)

Side 1–Sick/Tired - Sulthan 
Side 1–Sick/Tired - Stubborn Faith 
Side 1–Sick/Tired - the Body Doesn't Know the Difference 
Side 1–Sick/Tired - Human Ordure 
Side 1–Sick/Tired - Autodefensas 
Side 1–Sick/Tired - Difficult Father 
Side 1–Sick/Tired - Dress Up 
Side 1–Sick/Tired -Threat Display 
Side 1–Sick/Tired - Industrial Suicide 
Side 1–Sick/Tired - Fresh Kills 
Side 1–Sick/Tired - Spies 
Side 1–Sick/Tired - Multinational Corporations 
Side 2–Sea Of Shit - Intrusive Thoughts 
Side 2–Sea Of Shit - Societal Woes 
Side 2–Sea Of Shit - Disconnected Belief System 
Side 2–Sea Of Shit - Bridge Burner 
Side 2–Sea Of Shit - Martyr Complex 
Side 2–Sea Of Shit - Resurgence 
Side 2–Sea Of Shit - Posturing 
Side 2–Sea Of Shit - Manufactured Compulsion 
Side 2–Sea Of Shit - Underbelly

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