Friday, 25 March 2011

No Comment - Common Senseless - 7" EP + badge

No Comment - Common Senseless - Deepsix reissue black vinyl with insert and free 'Common Senseless' button badge.
No Comment, for those who may have missed the boat, No Comment is powerviolence before it had a name and, therefore, is not shitty like the glut of bands unsuccessfully attempting to achieve the sound. This shit is extremely fast hardcore, somewhat similar to Infest, but better. I said it. Gone are the somewhat awkward samples of political speeches from their demo tape and, in their place, is better production and a tighter sound. While not quite as perfect as their masterpiece, Downsided, this 7" trumps most everything else from the era - thanx to icoulddietommorrow.
Release: 1989/2010
Label: Deepsix Records
1. For Tommorow's Sake
2. Saying Uncle
3. A Mother's Crime
4. Community Slugs
5. In The Name Of Stupidity
6. Farmer John Hitler
7. World Of Difference
8. Special Circumstances
9. Open Face Down

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