Friday, 20 May 2011

Red Dons - Death To Idealism - LP ltd white or blue vinyl

RED DONS - Death To Idealism
Limited Blue or White vinyl.
Formed from the ashes of Portland's The Observers, Red Dons present their debut full-length of melodic punk rock that tackles themes and imagery of the Middle East. Their sound is very similar to that of The Observers, but they infuse some surf-guitar tones, taking cues from bands like The Ventures and add it to their existing formula. Now available on coloured vinyl with a gatefold cover.

Tracklist: 01. Walk Alone 02. Independent 03. Everyday Distraction 04. Terminal 05. Just Write Romeo 06. Happiness 07. This City 08. Incomplete Action 09. Hajji Takes A Ride 10. No Pain.

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