Monday, 10 December 2018

Extortion ‎– Loose Screws - 10".

Extortion ‎– Loose Screws - 10".
Been many a year since I had this bad boy in - lots more Deep Six restocks available here -
POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE. Arguably the most potent musical force Australian music has seen in the last couple years, Perth's EXTORTION are set to launch a fresh attack on the senses with their latest balls-out thrash incursion, "loose screws". A 12 track effort pushes EXTORTION's well-established power-violence sound to face-ripping new extremes. Recorded across 3 continents, the basic tracks were laid down in California by producer Dan Rathbun (Tragedy, His Hero is Gone, Talk Is Poison), then completed vocals in Perth. As one final flourish, UK-based celebrity EXTORTION fan, Barney of NAPALM DEATH, added his unmistakable roar to the aptly titled "grind to a halt".
A1 Regrets
A2 Reality
A3 The Pessimist
A4 Maze
A5 Stare At The Sun
A6 Blindspot
B1 Kill The Lights
B2 Cheated
B3 Faulty Wiring
B4 Degrade
B5 Grind To A Halt
Vocals [Additional Vocals] – Mark Greenway*
B6 Socially Inept

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