Wednesday, 27 February 2019

鉄アレイ ‎- TETSU ARREY – Last Night - CD JAPAN.

Tracks 1-2: Rocket / Core 7 "(2002) 
Track 3: "Welcome to Analog Violence" (2002 unreleased track) 
Tracks 4-7: 14 All 12 "& CD (2000) 
Tracks 8-11: Force 7 "& CD (1996) 
Japan HARDCORE the most important band, the singles CD from Iron Array finally released !!! In 2016 we have also decided on the US tour and Europe tour, and we are accelerating our activities, the pride of Japan HARDCORE, the Iron Array is finally released in a collection of sounds that summarizes the singles of Iron Array, contains 1st single "FORCE", 2nd single "14ALL", and 7 "only release" ROCKET / CORE "as the first CD sound source. Furthermore, it is the complete version which was recorded at the same time as "ROCKET / CORE" which was unreleased!
1 Rocket
2 Core
3 Welcome To Analog Violence
4 Higher
5 Chain-Smoker
6 Fool Rider
7 Fucker

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