Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Death Side ‎– Wasted Dream - CD JAPAN.

Japanese Hardcore band that existed from 1983/1984 to fall 1995. Reformed in 2015.
A legendary masterpiece by DEATH SIDE, synonymous with JAPANESE HARDCORE, is the latest remastered with a luxury paper jacket specification! The original sound was released in 1989, and still a dynamo album in the history of JAPANESE HARDCORE 
1 Death Side
2 Mirror
3 Cut The Throat
4 Warning
5 Give And Take
6 Circulate Pain
7 Nothing For Others Pride
8 Laugh Til You Die
9 Wall
10 I Live Just My Life
11 Wasted Dream
12 Evil Dreaming
13 Devil In The Hell
14 Never Say Die
15 Political Power
16 Life In Box
17 The Lowest
18 It's Not Only Joke

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