Friday, 2 June 2017


DISSEKERAD, YDINTUHO, FÖRGIFTAD - 3 new releases out soon / pre-order.

PREORDER !!! RELEASE DATE - 20.6.2017. - will have limited editions on these - for fill your dreams here - -

DISSKERAD - IV EP (d-takt / punk from Sweden)
Limited to 100 copies only on red vonyl.
Four new songs from these swedish lunatics! Of course still including members from bands like Totalitär, Makabert Fynd, Avskum, Napalm AD, Krigshot etc. etc. Käng! As usual! Did you expect something different ... ??? Come on !!! This is top swedish hardcore! Limited edition of 100 copies on red vinyls! Get it now or cry later ....

FÖRGIFTAD - Bränd Generation EP (d-takt / punk from Sweden)
Limited to 100 copies only on black vinyl.
Brand new 3rd recordings from these Swedish raw punk warriors. This time you can remember for your old "gaming" times! Special layout aka old covers from these games ... and hey, don´t worry .. you will still get raw classic Scandinavian hardcore like old good Totalitär / Herätys. Plus a little bit different limited edition this time - 500 pressed, 400 grey vinyls (regular) and 100 black vinyls (limited edition).

YDINTUHO - Warheads, Thunder and Blood EP (d-beat / crust from Finland)

Finland d-beat raw punk! What we can say more? Maybe that this is their 3rd vinyl release (after debut EP and split EP with Kylmä Sota, plus many tapes of course ...). This band will kick your asses! Uncompromising d-beat raw punk totally in tradition of classic scandinavian and japanese bands. Inspiration is pretty clear - if you like Anti-Cimex, Mob 47, Kaaos or Disclsoe - you can´t miss it! Cover layout in special format. Pressed only 300 copies on black vinyls. Warheads, Thunder and Blood!

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