Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Infernöh ‎– War Tjard - 12"

Infernöh ‎– War Tjard - 12"

D-Takt & Råpunk Records, 45 RPM, Repress, Yellow vinyl

Great release from these guys from Malmo Sweden. 
This album has everything that is needed to get you through your day. Relentless riffage, dark dirty driving drums, blown out bass and a maniacal mad man behind the microphone. Every track will whip your sorry asses into a whirlwind of head bangin chaos and pure punk d-beat fury. Get the fuck into Infernöh, punk. many thanx to Ian Langille.

A1 Dött Där Ögat Ser
A2 Er Mur Måste Bort
A3 De Galna Och De Blinda
A4 Driv Ut Giftet
A5 Krossa Guds Guk
B1 Gamdregel
B2 Länge Leve Mig
B3 Strida För Vadå?
B4 Inferno
B5 Kyla   

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