Sunday, 28 July 2019


Pre-order - released 9th August - US Angry Hardcore via 80's early UK such as ICONOCLAST and CRUCIFIX.
Here in Japan, "END RESULT" which has attracted attention by releasing THE LAST SURVIVORS and split 7 inch is the sound source so far Released a discography CD that summarized! ! 
Current PEACE PUNK Group of the State of California. The band name is from the song "END RESULT" recorded on CRASS's 1st album, and the intro begins with that quote. This will give you a glimpse of their spirituality, but it's only a passing point, and it's an ongoing band. 

01. Aimless Games 
02. Stagnant Peace 
03. Vacant State 
04. Day by Day 
05. What the Future Holds? 
End Result / The Last Survivors Split 7 " 
06. Empty Silence 
07. Collapse 
End Result / BEETO Split 7 " 
08. Life. War. Death. 
09. Abuse 
End Result / Phane Split 7"
10. Raid 
11. Vision of the End 
3 Track Tour Cassette-2019 
12. Life. War Death. (Rough Cut) 
13. Abuse (Rough Cut) 
14. Day by Day (Rough Cut) 
Extra Track
15. Why So Limited? (Icons of Filth)

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