Friday, 21 December 2018

CONTRAST ATTITUDE - Black or White - 7" EP - ltd grey vinyl pack.

CONTRAST ATTITUDE - Black or White - 7" EP - ltd grey vinyl pack.
Pre-order, here after Xmas - limited edition of 150 copies on grey vinyl in hand-numbered silk-screened cardboard box with backpatch and poster - very few copies on the way available here - -
Hellishly loud commando from Mie-city strikes again, here comes the European press of their second seven-inch, originally released in Malaysia. CONTRAST ATTITUDE don’t really change or evolve with age, after all, these words on the cover state it clear: „Dis-bastard till death“. Their DISCHARGE-assault, played with Japanese fury and guitars slicing like katanas, sounds as extreme as ever. As on their previous records, listening to these 4 songs one can really very vividly imagine the nightmares of war - dark whir of bombers in the air - nuclear submarine suddenly surfacing on the sea - or thundering of tanks approaching the town. Authentic and destructive business!
4 brand new tracks from this Mie City noise mongers! The pioneer of d-beat/noise never let down for fans of Japanese crust/noise. They continues the tradition of DISCHARGE Vs DISCLOSE heavy hardcore brutal distortion and anger! CONTRAST ATTITUDE had their own trademark for every releases, the drumming part, the guitar and bass line and song structure make their really different to any other noise bands out there. This is Dis-Bones noise attack!!
A1 Resistance After The Gig
A2 Negative Exemple. Return
B3 No Hope In There
B4 Turn Around Again

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