Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Asta Kask ‎– Aldrig En - LP yellow vinyl.

 limited yellow vinyl with download code.
Re-issue of the seminal 1st full-length by Sweden's legendary melodic-punk band, Asta Kask from 1986. 1978 saw 4 boys, that would become Asta Kask, in a basement in the small town of Töreboda, Sweden. It was there, that the unique sound was created that would come to leave a mark on Swedish and international punk bands for generations. This re-issued 19 track records comes with a new alternate cover and extensive remastering by the band. Fast, pissed off and still contagiously melodic punk.
A1 Lasse Lasse Liten 3:04
A2 Mänskliga Faktorn 2:57
A3 Landsplikt 2:04
A4 Atrapper 2:19
A5 Banal Ballad? 2:30
A6 Välfärdens Pris 2:48
A7 Sista Klivet 2:30
A8 Vårt Dagliga Bröd 1:56
A9 Fram & Bak 2:31
B1 Ringhals Brinner 2:54
B2 Varje Val, Inget Val 2:40
B3 AB Böna & Be 2:26
B4 Johnny Boy 2:34
B5 Aktiv Ungdom 1:25
B6 Inget Ljus 2:04
B7 SKS 1:45
B8 Oss Hjältar Emellan 2:35
B9 Ångest Del Ett 3:20
B10 Ångest Del Två

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