Thursday, 15 March 2018

KORSFÄST - Skarpt Läge - LP colour vinyl.

KORSFÄST - Skarpt Läge - LP colour vinyl.
Limited to 94 copies mail-order only on half red / half black vinyl - very limited stock available, already sold out from label, pre-order here here -
Malmö raw mangel punkers delivers their third and as to their own saying best release to date. It's fucking amazing brutality and raw madness "ända in i kaklet" I'd say that this is a brilliant follow up to their previous releases and gives us exactly what's expected from the NorraG punks. Total brilliance. Driller Killer, Mob 47, Protes Bengt.
A1 Fan Inte Lätt
A2 Hoppas Allt Blir Bra
A3 Farliga Vackra Ord
A4 Nere På Noll
A5 Skevare Kan Ingen Vara
A6 Gång På Gång
A7 Skarpt Läge
B1 Jag E Inte Hemma
B2 Bakgrundsbruset
B3 Kaoskarusell
B4 Mitt Liv För Fan
B5 Tiden Läker Inte Alla Sår
B6 Det Luktar Brunt
B7 Olyckskorpen

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